September 26, 2022

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Successful Digital Marketing Workshop Held by UTM KKNT Students

The digital marketing workshop held by Trunojoyo Madura University Thematic Real Work Lecture (KKNT) students was successfully held in Bunten Barat Village, Ketapang sub-district on Thursday, 22/09/2022.

The target of this activity is business actors or MSME owners in West Bunten Village with the aim of providing knowledge related to marketing related to the digital world so that marketing targets for MSME products in this village can be reached to a wider area.

This workshop was filled by two presenters, namely Mr. Riski Karyanto, S.Kom.I., M.Ag. and Mrs. Nuarita Novianasari, S.Ikom. where both of them are also alumni of students from the Communication Studies study program at Trunojoyo Madura University who are experts and have careers in the world of digital marketing.

“With the existence of these KKN brothers, hopefully they can improve progress in West Bunten Village, especially in terms of digital marketing, because many people here work as sellers and do not understand the current digital world,” explained Pak Mahfud as one of the business owners. Ratoh drink.

The village head also said that with activities like this, hopefully the residents can follow suit so that their businesses can progress and develop more rapidly. So that the marketing is not only in the village but can extend outside the village or even outside the city.

“This event is very good and we are very grateful to the KKN students who have organized this activity,” said Mrs. Mimah, one of the participants who attended the workshop.

“The problem we are facing now is that we have a lot of products produced but they are still not optimal in terms of marketing, so we need knowledge like this right now,” he added.

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The workshop activity ran smoothly and was successful because it was able to attract the interest of business people in the West Bunten village with enthusiasm to come and participate in the activity from beginning to end.

“We are also very grateful to the presenters, the lecturers of Communication Studies, village officials and all related parties for their availability to come and help run the activities so that this MSME digital marketing workshop can be held smoothly and successfully,” explained Fitriya, one of the KKN students.