October 1, 2022


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Stop regretting mistakes, do 6 easy ways to forgive yourself

Everyone would agree that either he or someone else has done something wrong. Then why are there still many of them who are still cursing themselves for mistakes? The answer is because indeed, forgiving yourself is more difficult than forgiving others. As a result, when you still haven’t forgiven yourself, you will always be in the past and you have a greater chance of making the same mistakes in the future. So that the mistakes you made do not happen again, you need to forgive yourself.

Here are 6 easy ways to forgive yourself

1. Stop guessing

If I had done this, if I had acted like this yesterday, surely this would not have happened, and many more if. How long do you want to keep guessing? Wish it would not make you turn back time, really.

By stopping wishing you will begin to receive. No matter how big your mistake, you will slowly be able to forgive yourself if you stop wishing.

2. Admit all your mistakes

How can we forgive if we don’t admit our own mistakes? So, the next way to forgive yourself is to admit the mistake.

Try standing in front of the mirror and say all your mistakes. If you feel strange being in front of the mirror, you can write it down in a diary. Not only relieved, you can even see the mistakes you made from a different perspective. When you see things from different perspectives, you will slowly forgive yourself.

3. Realize that we are already doing what we know

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What if we are presented with a math problem that has not even been explained yet? We will definitely answer it as best we can and if the answer is wrong, then we will accept it. Try to imagine the mistakes you made with these illustrations. Tell yourself that I’ve done what I can, and mistakes for lack of knowledge are normal.

If that’s the case, you’ll forgive yourself and become a better person. Because of course you will learn not to repeat the same mistakes.

4. Focus on the results you get from mistakes

Every moment in life has a lesson, including when we make mistakes. Isn’t it that without making mistakes one will be arrogant, and will stay in place?

Convince yourself that mistakes make you better. The successful people you want make a lot of mistakes but they still succeed. You can be like them, as long as you don’t stop at the point where you make mistakes. That is, learn, do not repeat mistakes, and take lessons so that you become a better person.

5. Stop thinking negative

Almost all of our thoughts are filled with negative thoughts, so speak positive words out loud. Including your mistakes. Say it out loud that it’s normal to make mistakes. Without realizing it when you often repeat these words, negative thoughts will lose focus.

When you want to forgive yourself, please don’t think about what other people think. Other people do not necessarily realize your mistakes, even other people will not care about what you do. Even if your mistakes are discussed, try to use them as motivation so that you move to fix them.

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6. Do what you want to do

It’s not good to dwell on mistakes. Try to take a breath for a moment by doing the things you enjoy. You can also take a walk in the surrounding environment which will make your brain fresh. After that, say sorry to yourself, and learn from it. Tell yourself that I will be better tomorrow and will not repeat the same mistakes.

Here are 6 ways to forgive yourself. Don’t assume that the practice will be difficult until you try. The harder you try to forgive yourself, the faster you will find peace of mind.