October 1, 2022


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Staying Strong despite a Breakup

Lesti is a dangdut singer who graduated from a dangdut competition on a private television. His name has soared since he won the prestigious competition. The gig time was solid. Not only on television that orbited him as a talented dangdut singer, but other television also invited him as a guest star.

Lesti’s voice is indeed melodious and has a characteristic. His first single titled Kejora was popular and viral. Because the song is also known as Lesti Kejora.

Lesti’s love story was not as smooth as her popular songs. His relationship with Rizki 2R, who also graduated from the same dangdut competency, had to run aground. Rizki married another woman.

Adibal Sahrul, a songwriter, seems to take advantage of the momentum of Lesti and Rizki’s breakup. Through song Take it off with sincerity, Lesti’s name is back in the conversation. The song went viral and became one of the most popular posts on the Youtube channel.

In song Take it off with sincerity depicted about the figure of a woman who is willing to let her lover marry someone else. The woman is aware that a mate is God’s provision. Humans can not do anything if God has not been able to bless a couple who stepped into marriage. But, what must be realized, humans must continue to strive for what they want, including in terms of finding a life partner.

Let go of yourself sincerely May God take care of you and him


We used to share feelingsNow we’re just friends

We used to be able to planBut God is the one who decides

The song excerpt above clearly explains that all the power and effort made by humans in this world will not always live up to expectations. Death, sustenance, and mate are the prerogative of God. Humans can only try and plan.

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This song teaches many things, especially how we learn to sincerely accept the reality that happened. That no matter how hard we try and plan, if Allah has not blessed, then all will be in vain.

But, of course we can’t be discouraged. Failure is not the end of everything. Turning failure into a path to other dreams is something that everyone in this world needs to realize. Keep trying and praying for all the dreams we hope for. Both matters of love, more so about ideals.