October 1, 2022


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Starring Kim Sejeong, Meet the 3 Main Actors of Todays Webtoon

Only a few days left, the Korean drama ‘Today’s Webtoon’ will premiere. After the success of the previous drama ‘A Business Proposal’, Kim Sejeong returned to greet fans through the character fresh and full of energy.

Quoting from the site soompi on Monday (20/6/2022), ‘Today’s Webtoon’ is a drama about a former Judo athlete, On Ma Eum (Kim Sejeong) who gets injured and changes his career by working at a webtoon editorial company, due to his interest in reading the platform. Even though he doesn’t have much experience, he tries his best to become a real webtoon editor. ‘Today’s Webtoon’ is a remake of the Japanese drama ‘Sleepeeer Hit’.

‘Today’s Webtoon’ is directed by Jo Soo Woon and Kim Young Hwan. While the scriptwriters are Jo Ye Rang and Lee Jae Eun. Here are the three main characters of Kim Sejeong’s latest drama ‘Today’s Webtoon’.

1. Kim Sejeong as On Ma Eum

3 Main Cast of ‘Today’s Webtoon. (SBS)

Kim Sejeong plays On Ma Eum who is a former athlete who gave up her dream for the Olympics after suffering an injury.

But nothing can stop the girl who is full of optimism. He turned to be the person behind the release of the hit webtoon. Reading webtoons was his passion even as he was an athlete.

Kim Sejeong described her character as an energetic and fun girl. He will return to perform a funny role and is ready to bring the audience laughing out loud.

2. Nam Yoon Su as Goo Joon Young

3 Main Cast of 'Today's Webtoon.  (SBS)
3 Main Cast of ‘Today’s Webtoon. (SBS)

Accompanying Kim Sejeong as the main character, Nam Yoon Soo played the role of On Ma Eum’s co-worker Goo Joon Young who entered the company together with On Ma Eum.

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He gained attention for having an impressive IQ of 150 and always wanting to be the best of the best.

3. Choi Daniel as Seok Ji Hyung

3 Main Cast of 'Today's Webtoon.  (SBS)
3 Main Cast of ‘Today’s Webtoon. (SBS)

After a hiatus of two years from his last drama ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay,’ Choi Daniel was appointed a deputy editor who also became a mentor for On Ma Eum. Seok Ji Hyung is a very warm and reliable person.

In addition to the three main characters above, there are also other supporting roles who can’t wait to meet viewers soon such as Kim Kap Soo, Park Ho San, Yang Hyun Min, Kang Rae Yeon, Ha Do Kwon, Ha Yul Ri, Ahn Tae Hwan, and Son Dongwoon.

‘Today’s Webtoon’ will begin airing on July 29.