August 8, 2022

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Spoiler, Bebe Rexha Shares Song Footage for Collaboration with ITZY

Singer and songwriter, Bebe Rexha, finally shared a spoiler about her collaboration with ITZY.

Summarize from Koreaboo on Tuesday (28/6/2022), Ryujin and Yeji ITZY who successfully performed a dance cover of singer Bebe Rexha’s song ‘Break My Heart Myself’ at Studio Choom some time ago, not only succeeded in stealing the attention of their fans, but also the singer. original singer, Bebe Rexha herself.

After watching the second performance, Bebe Rexha admitted that he was very impressed, and thanked Ryujin and ITZY’s Yeji. He also revealed that the song will be promoted in South Korea because of the two.

Since then, Bebe Rexha has also admitted that she is one of the MIDZY (ITZY fans) by dancing to their choreography, even though she admits that she is not a dancer.

The good news continued after the convo between Bebe Rexha and ITZY on social media. Recently, Bebe Rexha re-uploaded posts on social media accounts and wrote the caption ‘Exciting news’ related to the song ‘Break My heart Myself’.

Even though ITZY fans don’t want to get their hopes up, the ITZY official account replied to Bebe Rexha’s post. ITZY said that they were also impatient.

Seeing the second convo, of course this time ITZY fans dared to assume that ITZY and Bebe Rexha would soon collaborate.

A week later, a Twitter user asked Bebe Rexha about her collaboration with ITZY, the American singer uploaded a GIF that reads ‘Loading …’.

Today, Bebe Rexha succeeded in making fans excited. He re-uploaded a video clip on Twitter with a duration of about 8 seconds. The trailer sounds like a remix of ‘Break My Heart Myself’ in collaboration with ITZY.

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This time, fans are 100% sure about the collaboration of Bebe Rexha and ITZY after the original singer uploaded a spoiler for their collaboration.

Although the collaboration date has not yet been determined and is still in the ‘Coming soon’ status based on the shared spoilers, at least fans will be looking forward to the collaboration with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm.