December 6, 2022

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Soong Joo Ven, Badminton Beats Hafiz/Serena in Indonesia Open 2022

Malaysian badminton player Soong Joo Ven and his mixed doubles partner Goh Liu Ying faced off against the Indonesian hosts, Hafiz Faizal/Serena Kani in the early rounds of the Indonesia Open 2022. The meeting between Soong Joo Ven/Goh Liu Ying vs Hafiz Faizal/Serena Kani At the Indonesia Open 2022, this is the first time they have met, considering that the two pairs are a couple who have just debuted in 2022. Soong Joo Ven/Goh Liu Ying managed to beat Hafiz/Serena in the early rounds of the Indonesia Open 2022.

Soong Joo Ven himself is not only a badminton player who plays mixed doubles, but also plays men’s singles. Based on player rankings released by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) through the Badminton4u app, currently Soong Joo Ven is ranked 59 for the men’s singles event. Mixed doubles with Goh Jin Wei, ranked 851 in the world. As for the mixed doubles together with Goh Liu Ying, he has not yet been ranked in the BWF.

Getting to know Soong Joo Ven, here is a brief profile:

  • Full Name: Soong Joo Ven
  • Last Name : Soong JV
  • Date of Birth : May 19, 1997
  • Age : 25 Years
  • Height : 177 cm
  • Weight: 65kg
  • Racket Handle: Left
  • Main Sector : Men’s Singles and Mixed Doubles
  • Latest BWF rankings: men’s singles, 59 and mixed doubles, 851 (based on the Badminton4u app)
  • Highest BWF rankings: men’s singles, 51 and mixed doubles, 799 (based on the Badminton4u app)

Launching from tournament records in the Badminton4u application, the following are a series of achievements from Soong Joo Ven:

  • YONEX DUTCH Junior 2012 Champion (for men’s singles and men’s doubles)
  • Smiling Fish International Series 2012 Champion (for men’s singles)
  • Runner-Up Maybank Malaysia International Challenge Badminton Championships 2015 (for men’s singles)
  • Runner-Up Scottish Open (for men’s singles)
  • Runner-Up VICTOR Polish International 2017 (for men’s singles)
  • Runner-Up IDBI Federal Life Insurance Hyderabad Open 2018 (for men’s singles)
  • Winner of VICTOR Malaysia International Series 2019 (for men’s singles)
  • Runner-Up Scottish Open 2021 (for men’s singles)
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That was a brief profile and a series of achievements of Soong Joo Ven, the Malaysian badminton player who faced Indonesia’s representatives, namely Hafiz Faizal/Serena Kani in the early round of the Indonesia Open 2022.