December 2, 2022

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Song Hye Kyo and Han So Hee Offered to Play Together in New Thriller Korean Drama

Korean drama lovers will likely have the opportunity to see actresses Song Hye Kyo and Han So Hee starring in the same drama title.

soompi launched on Monday (29/8/2022), according to news outlet media reports Sports Kyunghyangit is reported that the two beautiful and talented actresses Song Hye Kyo and Han So Hee will be starring in a new thriller drama entitled “The Price of Confession.”

The drama “The Price of Confession” is a new thriller drama directed by Lee Eung Bok who also directed the drama “Descendant of the Sun.”

In response to the report, representatives from the two agencies that oversee the two actresses also issued their official statements.

9ato Entertainment, as the agency that oversees Han So Hee said, “Han So Hee has received an offer to star in the drama ‘The Price of Confession’ and she is currently reviewing and considering it.”

Meanwhile, the UAA, as the agency of Song Hye Kyo, said, “The Price of Confession is one of the drama projects that Song Hye Kyo is currently reviewing and she is considering it.”

“The Price of Confession” depicts a bloody chronicle of two women surrounding a murder case. The drama will be helmed by director Lee Eung Bok of hit projects including “Sweet Home,” “Jirisan,” and “Mr. Sunshine,” and will be written by Kwon Jong Kwan of “Sad Movie” and “Proof of Innocence.”

Song Hye Kyo is in talks to play art teacher Ahn Yoon Soo. He dreams of a small happiness in life, but he is swept up in an unexpected incident, causing his life to change completely.

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Despite the obstacles he faced, Ahn Yoon Soo did not give up and maintained a strong will. Song Hye Kyo previously starred in “Descendants of the Sun” by director Lee Eung Bok.

Meanwhile, Han So Hee is in talks to take on the role of a mysterious woman, Mo Eun, whose identity is unknown. Due to his antisocial tendencies, everyone is afraid of him, but he reaches out to Yoon Soo, and opens up a new world.

Korean drama fans also hope that Song Hye Kyo and Han So Hee agree to the offer to play in the drama “The Price of Confession” and can’t wait to see chemistry both of them.