December 1, 2022

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Social Minister Risma Annoyed by being scolded by TNI Soldiers When Visiting the Cianjur Earthquake Location: She Didn’t Talk to the Commander in Chief

Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini received unpleasant treatment when she visited the Cianjur earthquake site on Thursday (24/11/2022). Minister of Social Affairs Risma admitted that she was scolded by soldiers who were suspected of being the Indonesian Army during the trip.

Reporting from, Risma said that when she visited the Cianjur earthquake site, she used a vehicle by following the path taken by officials from the Cianjur Regency Government.

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However, Risma was instead scolded and asked to turn around by uniformed troops who were suspected of being TNI AD soldiers.

“I don’t know where to go, yesterday I was scolded by troops. I want to go there, I can’t, tell me to come back,” Risma confided in Kompas TV’s Breaking News broadcast, Thursday (24/11/2022).

Risma was also asked by the soldier, why he chose that route. He admitted that he was only following the path of the Pemkab officials he was following.

“I was asked by him ‘why is this way?’. Why do I know, I said where there are ministers thinking which way to go,” said Risma telling the incident.

“Yes, I don’t know where to go, I just follow,” he added.

Sata was telling reporters about the incident, Risma saw one of the leaders of the Indonesian Army and called him through the aide.

“I didn’t talk to the commander in chief,” Risma whispered to her aide.

The adjutant swiftly carried out Social Minister Risma’s order and returned with the leader of the Indonesian Army, Ryan.

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“Still don’t accept me,” said Risma, joking.

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Risma also expressed her feelings when one of the soldiers scolded her. One of the TNI AD leaders named Ryan approached him.

“Ready,” Ryan replied.

“Actually, at that time, it was already when I returned. But one of my men got permission to enter,” Risma explained to Ryan.

“The problem again, I was scolded by him. So I asked the child to be examined psychically. He said ‘why is the official coming this way?’. It looks like he is sick,” said Risma again.

Ryan also asked Social Minister Risma about the figure of the soldier who scolded him. Risma replied that the soldier was from Yonzipur III Siliwangi.