September 27, 2022

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So that the car air conditioner stays cold, here are 8 tips to take care of it

The important facilities or features that the car has are: Air Conditioner or commonly abbreviated as AC. This feature is a mainstay for drivers in terms of driving comfort. Therefore, the air conditioner must be treated carefully so that it is always in optimal condition.

Here are 8 car air conditioning maintenance tips to keep it cool.

1. Keep the carpet clean

Keep the carpet or car floor clean, the cleanliness of the car floor makes the air in the car cabin also clean, thus the AC filter does not work too hard to filter dust and dirt, and this is also useful so that the AC filter does not get dirty quickly.

2. Clean the AC condenser

When washing the car, open the hood and spray water on the AC condenser which has a shape similar to a radiator and the location of the AC condenser is usually located in front of the radiator.

An AC condenser that is not cleaned or cleaned rarely will make the dirt and dust that sticks to it will harden, and this can cause corrosion or porous so that it can cause leakage in the condenser.

3. Park the car in the shade

Park the car in a shady place, especially if you park the car for a long time, because if the car is parked in a hot place, usually when the driver gets into the car, the space in the car feels hot, this causes the cooling process by the air conditioner to take a long time. the cooling load when the car is running will be high.

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4. When traveling long distances, turn off the air conditioner for a while

When traveling long distances, turn off the AC for a while, then turn it back on.

These methods or tips aim to rest the air conditioner, so that the air conditioner does not continuously cool the car room or car cabin, this is also useful for avoiding freezing in the AC line.

5. Don’t smoke in the car

Cigarette smoke can make the evaporator, cigarettes also have nicotine that is sticky and slimy this will cause an unpleasant odor and is difficult to remove.

6. Be careful when turning off and turning on the air conditioner

When you turn on the car, make sure the AC is off, this also applies the other way around, which is to turn off the AC first before turning off the car.

7. Turn on the fan extra in front of the condenser

Turn on the extra fan at the position in front of the condenser when the AC is on, because if the extra fan turns off when the AC is on, there is a risk of damaging the compressor and even causing the compressor hose to explode.

8. Perform routine AC maintenance

Perform routine AC maintenance to check the condition of AC components, starting from the compressor, condenser, receiver dyer, evaporator, and freon.

Thus 8 tips to keep the car air conditioner cool, hopefully useful.