September 27, 2022

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So Single Mom at Brokerage, IU: I Don’t Want To Feel Sorry For Myself

On June 7, 2022, IU had an interview with Wikitree. Quoted from Allkpop on Saturday (11/06/2022). There he talked various things about his latest film ‘Broker’.

‘Broker’ is a film directed by Japanese Hirokazu Koreeda, depicting the unexpected and extraordinary journey of those who develop a business around baby boxes.

In the film, IU is lined up as a single mother who leaves her child in a baby box named So Young. He then meets special people who set out on a journey to find new parents for the child.

So Young’s decision to leave her newborn child because she couldn’t raise her child alone. Therefore, she left her child in the baby box. Not long ago, he decided to take back the child he had left behind. That’s when he meets Sang Hyun (Song Kang Ho) and Dong Soo (Kang Dong Won) who are baby brokers.

In South Korea itself, social phenomena about babies left in orphanages and single mothers are events that are close to society.

When asked if IU has really met real people to understand single mothers better, IU replied, “Actually, I’m very concerned about the orphanage I’m connected to that I’m still in contact with.”

He continued, “This is the place where I had a relationship during filming when I was a teenager. After the relationship, I would visit and I got to know the faces of the children and the teachers there too. There was a small child in the orphanage who was very close to me. so I was worried about how he felt when watching this film because of the lines I said in the film.”

After watching the finished film at the 75th Cannes International Film Festival, IU decided to invite the children in the orphanage to come to the premiere of her film. He explained, “I believe the only ones who understand their feelings are the children themselves. When I tried to watch the film from their point of view, I realized that this was not a topic that would hurt them. I also thought their hearts would be hurt but it became much warmer. when leaving the theater after watching a movie.”

IU is the most influential celebrity in South Korea and is known for always spreading a positive influence. However, IU confessed that she realized she had never thought of a single mother before.

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He explained, “I realized that I never thought much about single mothers before shooting this film. I realized that I never thought about people’s perspectives or prejudices against single mothers because that was something I had never experienced.”

Maybe because IU had realized about single mothers later in life thanks to the movie ‘Broker’, but IU donated a total of 210 million KRW (Rp2,399,114,734) to the Single Mothers Family Association and other social welfare companies on the 26th of last month on her birthday .

IU confessed all-in in portraying the character So Young by concentrating on expressing it perfectly and thinking a lot about it. he shares, “I don’t want to portray So Young’s character who feels sorry for herself.”

In the drama, So Young is not a character who feels self-pity and justifies her actions through that pity. She makes bold decisions and clearly expresses her thoughts about what other people think of her. this character is described as self-pity.” added the ‘LILAC’ singer.

Meanwhile, the film ‘Broker’ will be released in Indonesia from 16 June.