December 1, 2022

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So Long Queue for BBM! This motorbike driver is even fun to eat at the gas station

Queuing and waiting are two things that are quite boring. However, this does not seem to apply to a motorcyclist on this one. Later, a video of a motorbike driver who was about to refuel his motorbike looking relaxed eating his lunch while waiting for his turn went viral.

Recently, the increase in fuel prices has become a public spotlight. Since the official increase in fuel prices, the queue at every gas station has always been snaking. This is also experienced by the father in the black skullcap who is currently viral!

Ojok lali have breakfast yo, Lur!” wrote the Instagram account @ndagel.crew when uploading a video of a father eating at a gas station as quoted by the author on Friday (9/30/2022).

Previously, the video was uploaded by a TikTok account called @Father_febby. “Slowly” he wrote as a description of the uploaded video.

On the video uploaded by the account @Father_febby On TikTok, you can see a man in black standing in line for fuel at a gas station.

The father seemed to really enjoy the food he had brought. Many suspected that the father was eating his breakfast.

What is no less interesting than the viral video is the food place used by the father in black pants, which is none other than a small pot.

The father’s action drew various unique reactions from netizens

Screnshoot of the viral video of the father eating at the gas station (TikTok/@Father_febby)

Furthermore, the upload on the video also shows the father enjoying his food while sitting on his motorbike. In fact, his motorcycle seat has been opened in an upright position and has been prepared to be filled with Pertamax fuel.

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Not only that, the viral video of the father eating while queuing for fuel also shows the condition of the gas station which is fairly crowded.

Of course the account upload video @Father_febby successfully attracted attention as well as various unique comments from netizens.

Because the queue can eat,” wrote the account @uncu*** in the comments column of the video upload.

Now queuing for pertalite, for example, playing ML from epic to mitic, there is really enough timesaid the account @Sorry***

Oh Allah queue while eating (crying emoticon),” added another TikTok user

The point is the motor is full, the stomach is full, so it’s fair,” added the account @radi***

Most users commented on the father’s interesting idea of ​​taking advantage of waiting time by eating food, so that waiting time is not wasted.

Until this article was written, the viral video has already received 22.6 thousand likes, 1724 comments, and 1656 shares.