September 27, 2022

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SM Entertainment Denies That Aespa’s Upcoming Song Demo Has Leaked

The news of the release of the mini album is a pleasant thing to be welcomed by K-Pop fans. Of course they want to give full support to their idols. That way they will feel more ‘complete’ because they not only enjoy the work of idols but also have provided support through various things for them.

However, as reported by the page soompi On Tuesday (14/06/2022), it was recently discovered that an audio clip was circulating in online communities with claims that it was an English demo of the new song by grill group aespa entitled “Girls.” The post also added that producer Yoo Young Jin participated in making the song.

This certainly makes fans become busy and keep wondering if it’s true that the audio clip will be delivered by aespa in the future. However, so that these rumors do not spread and cause further misunderstandings, representatives from the agency that oversees AESPA have provided clarification.

In response to this, a representative from SM Entertainment commented, “The relevant demo is not aespa’s new song.”

aespa is a grill group that made their debut back in November 2020 with the song “Black Mamba,” and they continued their career development with the songs “Next Level” and “Savage.” All these songs get a good reception from fans.

Earlier this month, girl group AESPA confirmed their comeback with their second mini album “Girls.” The album has surpassed 1 million stock pre-orders, setting a new personal best for the girl group. It’s no wonder that many fans began to look forward to aespa’s arrival with their new clip until the news spread, which of course has been claimed that the audio clip is not for aespa’s “Girls” album.

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Before aespa’s second mini album “Girls” is released on July 8, the group will be releasing their English single “Life’s Too Short” on June 24. This news was well received by fans who were looking forward to Aespa’s arrival with their stunning works. And may Aespa do all that well and achieve great success!