August 14, 2022

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SIZE 2: The Story of a Veteran Student Defending his idol

After successfully churning the stomach and emotions through the first film which was released in 2002, the sequel to the film Sex is Zero it was finally re-released in 2007. Unlike the first film starring Im Chang Jung and Ha Ji Won, in this second film the “old student” Eun Sik, was paired with Song Ji Hyo as the main character. For the storyline itself, it is still about Eun Sik’s love life, played by Im Chang Jung, in building an “adult” relationship with his idol.

Set three years after the events of the first Sex is Zero film, the veteran student, Eun Sik, played by Im Chang Jung, is no longer interested in the girls on campus. After breaking up with Eun Hyo (played by Ha Ji Won), Eun Sik is now in love with Kyung Ah (played by Song Ji Hyo). Although there is mutual understanding between the two, their love relationship is a healthy relationship, and is not polluted by adult things.

The relationship between veteran student Eun Sik and Kyung Ah, who is the college’s flagship swimming athlete, is going well. They make a solid couple. However, their relationship becomes a bit troubled when a Ki Ju (played by Lee Sang Yoon) comes between the two of them. Ki Ju’s status as a prosecutor, and is also an ex of Kyung Ah certainly makes Eun Sik feel insecure. This is a natural thing, because Eun Sik himself feels defeated in everything, including physically and economically.

But this is where in the end Eun Sik’s great love for Kyung Ah is proven. Eun Sik, who doesn’t want to lose his lover, is willing to do anything and conquer anyone who gets in his way, so he can stay with his idol. What do you think Eun Sik is going to do? So, who is blocking Eun Sik’s love story? All the answers are in the movie Sex is Zero 2 this is it guys!

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For me personally, this second film tends to decline in quality. Besides there are several scenes that can be said to be identical in humor to those in the first film, in this second film, the scenes shown tend to be more vulgar even though they do not reach the scenes that lead to violence. scene severe, but for some viewers, of course it will make you feel uncomfortable. So, for friends who want to watch this film, please be wise!