August 14, 2022

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SIZE 1: The Korean version of American Pie that Brings Drama to Be the Main Strength

In the early 2000s, films that raised the theme of sexuality wrapped in comedy became one of the most popular genres for the audience. The American Pie film series, became one of the foremost films and was most loved by young people and film audiences at that time. Thanks to its success, the film American Pie was even made a sequel to it several times. And do you know, friends, it turns out, there are also films from South Korea that have a theme almost similar to the American Pie film. the title, Sex is Zero alias SIZE. Even though the title seems vulgar, this film doesn’t touch intimate scenes at all. So, I dare to write a little about this film here.

The film Sex is Zero itself produced two films, with the first sequel released in 2002. Narrated, Jang Eun Sik (played by Im Chang Jung), a 28-year-old man is currently enjoying his first year of college. With an age and face that is much older than his peers, of course Eun Sik sometimes receives unpleasant treatment. However, because he was unable to do anything and also Eun Sik was a quiet patient, he ignored it.

Forced and persuaded by one of his seniors, Eun Sik ends up joining the “charyeok” martial arts club. In this club, Eun Sik and his members have to undergo tough and of course painful endurance training. However, because he couldn’t do anything, Eun Sik was finally only able to accept it.

While in college, Eun Sik actually put his heart on Lee Eun Hyo (played by Ha Ji Won). In order to get Eun Hyo’s attention, Eun Sik often tries to get close by offering various help. But unfortunately, luck is not on Eun Sik’s side. Various incidents that occurred when he tried to approach Eun Hyo, actually made him get a “perverted” label from his idol.

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Eun Sik’s opportunity to be close to Eun Hyo finally opened when the Charyeok club he participated in did not get a place to practice because it had not been recognized by the campus. Instead, the martial arts club trains in a gymnasium that Eun Hyo uses to train. But sadly, luck was once again drifting away. Before Eun Sik approached Eun Hyo, his idol fell in love with a handsome young man named Sang Woo who also studied at the same campus. Of course this makes Eun Sik feel sick. However, once again, he couldn’t do anything to prevent that from happening.

But don’t worry, in the end, Eun Hyo realizes how much Eun Sik loves her. Despite having to go through various dangerous and touching things, in the end Eun Hyo realized about the pure love offered by Eun Sik. Want to know how hard an Eun Sik struggles to win Eun Hyo’s heart? Find the story in the movie Sex is Zero This is the first sequel!

Oh yes, although this film does not implicitly display adult scenes and emphasizes drama as the main strength, in some scenes there are scene which is not suitable for viewing by minors. So, please be wise in watching this film!