August 14, 2022

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Sixteen Candles Movie Synopsis: Misfortune on 16th Birthday

Sixteen Candles is a romantic comedy film released in 1984 and has a duration of 1 hour 33 minutes. Starring Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Michael Schoeffling, and many more. Before watching this film, it’s a good idea to read the synopsis below.

Synopsis Sixteen Candles

The story centers on 1984 in the suburbs of Chicago. Specifically, Samantha “Sam” Baker, a sophomore high school student. Tomorrow is the wedding day of her beautiful and selfish sister, Ginny. Today is Sam’s 16th birthday. But when he went downstairs, none of his family remembered his birthday.

While at school, Sam takes a friend’s sex quiz where he reveals that he has a crush on his senior, Jake Ryan. Then Sam dropped the sex quiz paper with the intention of showing it to his friend. But it was Jake who picked up the paper.

Despite the quizzes, Jake himself had already sensed something by Sam’s gaze on him. Jake also tells about Sam to his friend, Rock, who says that Sam is just an immature child and Jake should focus on his older girlfriend, Carolina. But Jake didn’t like the way Carolina was partying.

During the bus ride home, Sam is teased by a geeky new student named Ted, which Sam desperately evades. As soon as he was about to enter his room at home, Sam found that his room was occupied by his grandparents who had just arrived. When he was about to sleep in his sister’s room, it turned out that a foreign exchange student named Long Duk Dong had already occupied the rest of the bed there.

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Sam curses even more when his grandparents don’t even remember his birthday. They also had Sam take Dong with him to the school dance that night. In fact at the dance they parted ways. While Dong is close to a strong athlete named Marlene, Sam watches Jake and Carolina sadly.

On the other hand, Ted, the student who had teased Sam on the bus, tells his friends Bryce and Wease that he and Sam have a relationship. Ted did that to impress them. Ted walked over to Sam and asked him to dance. Sam runs from the dance and cries. Ted was laughed at by his friends.

In an attempt to save his reputation, Ted bets Bryce and Wease on a dozen floppy disks that he will get Sam before the dance ends. As evidence, Bryce and Wease ask for Sam’s underwear. Then Ted is dragged away by Jake, a guy that Sam likes and Ted’s acquaintance, he asks Ted about Sam after seeing them dance.

How come? You can watch the sequel to Sixteen Candles on Netflix or buy/rent the film on the Google Playstore. Enjoy watching!