October 1, 2022


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Signs that he wants to end his relationship with you

Not all romance has a happy ending. It doesn’t matter who has the motive to end the relationship that has been built, usually one of the parties will show some “signs” to end a love relationship, which the other party may never realize.

Summarizing from hellosehat and herworld, here are some signs that they really want to end their relationship with you:

1. Don’t care to solve the problem

There is one sign of a healthy relationship, namely the willingness and concern for each other in solving a problem.

However, if one of you ignores the dispute, the dispute becomes more and more protracted without any intention to find a solution or a middle way, or ignore it when one of you wants to try to solve the problem at hand.

This is a pretty clear sign that one of you has given up.

2. He doesn’t ask how he’s doing anymore

When you first start a romantic relationship, of course, you will be very diligent in communicating with each other and also letting you know what activities are being carried out by both parties. Surely you know information about where he works, where his house is, who his friends are.

However, lately your partner no longer asks what your activities are, he even seems cold and indifferent and doesn’t care if you are out of the house or not. This could be one of them starting to not care about your life anymore and wants to end the relationship with you.

3. Rarely asks you out

Usually the most awaited day is free time on the weekend, because you can go on a date. You and your partner are very excited to arrange a plan to go out together or just watch a movie at home.

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But, now every time you have the initiative to ask him out, he always has a thousand reasons to refuse your invitation. Even if you think about it, he hardly ever asks you out again.

4. Escape from commitment and future chatter

One of the most important warning signs is to avoid the topic of plans and future goals for both of you.

He tries to divert the conversation to topics that are not important and seem trivial or even disconnected. Well, it could be a sign that your partner wants to end your relationship.

So, those were some signs that your partner wants to end a romantic relationship with you, hopefully it will be useful.