December 1, 2022

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Signs of a Cat having difficulty urinating are important to watch out for and the causes

When you see a cat that has difficulty urinating, you should immediately address it by checking it with a veterinarian to find the most appropriate method of handling and treatment. Because, if not treated immediately will be fatal.

The condition of a cat who has difficulty urinating due to a blockage in the urinary tract. Summarizing site blockage can occur when something is blocking the flow of urine through the urethra.

The urethra is the organ that carries urine out of the body from the bladder. Compared to female cats, males are more often affected by this health problem because their urethra is longer and narrower.

Here are some signs of a cat having difficulty urinating

You have to be more sensitive to the cat’s daily habits so that you can quickly find out the signs of a cat having difficulty urinating. So, the cat will immediately get treatment and unwanted things can be avoided.

Some of the signs, the cat licks the genital area, lacks appetite or vomits, pushes in the sand but does not excrete urine, goes back and forth looking for sand with more frequency or increased than usual.

Other signs that may be found are crying and urinating not in the sand or carelessly. If you see these signs, you should immediately contact your veterinarian to ensure the cat’s health condition.

Some Causes of Blockage in the Cat’s Urinary Tract

It is important to understand that there is a maximum amount of time a cat can survive with a urinary tract obstruction. When the urethra is blocked, the urine that should be expelled will return to the bladder.

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As a result, toxins eventually accumulate in the blood. If not immediately treated or treated to remove the blockage, it is possible that the cat’s life cannot be saved within three to six days.

There are several causes that lead to blockage of the urinary tract in cats. These include tumors, spasms and swelling due to irritation of the urethra, crystals or stones formed in the urinary system, white blood cells, mucus clots or other materials.

There are several things that can cause the flow of urine to be cut off through the urethra. So that the cat’s difficulty urinating can be overcome, recognize the signs early on by paying attention to their habits when urinating. Don’t hesitate to take him to the vet right away.