May 30, 2023

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Si Mikin succumbs, the house opposite the rich neighbor even gets help, Warganet: Must have an insider

The inequality of social assistance for the poor in Indonesia has become an open secret. Unfortunately, it is often found in the field when rich people get help.

Meanwhile, people who are actually in need have to succumb not to get social assistance. Recently, there has been a lot of video on social media of two houses facing each other, rich and even getting social assistance.

The video was uploaded by the owner of the TikTok account edyp85. The short video footage shows the difference between two residents’ houses facing each other.

The first house is in a very poor condition. The house is still original brick walls without cement.

The floor of the house is still dirt and there is a pile of grass on the terrace. Meanwhile, the neighbor’s house in front of it is in much better condition.

The neighbor’s house has neat walls. Part of the front wall of the house is painted white and partly decorated with ceramics.

The neighboring house has a tiled floor. Even though this neighbor’s house is better than the front house, he is the one who gets social assistance from the government.

This is evidenced by the red writing on the house of this rich neighbor. The red writing is a sign that the owner of the house has received social assistance from the government because he belongs to a poor family.

When viewed from the house, neighbors who live with dirt floors are considered more deserving of assistance. It has only been a few moments since the video has been watched and spread across various social media.

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Netizens immediately flooded the uploaded comments column to write responses. Not a few netizens revealed the fact that social assistance was mistargeted in their environment.

“Must have an insider,” commented one netizen.

“So first the family was given a stamp,” quipped another.

“It’s not strange that I play here in my village, all beautiful houses are branded red,” said the netizen.

“Wis is not surprised, there is also my place. There are 2 cars, they have a laying hens business, their children work abroad. Eh, the house has writings of poor people,” said another.