September 27, 2022

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Shousetsu no Kamisama Movie: When Two High School Novelists Collaborate

Every novelist, as well as writers in general, would be delighted when his work managed to touch the hearts of many people. Although producing a novel is not easy, but it will be a great happiness for a novelist if his work is loved by many people. That’s how a high school novelist feels in the film “Shousetsu no Kamisama“.

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Sako Aizawa, the film Shousetsu no Kamisama tells the story of a high school student and novelist named Ichiya Chitani (Taiki Sato).

Although he had made his debut as a novelist, the book he managed to write turned out to be unpopular and received a lot of criticism, so his confidence slowly collapsed. He could not even write his next work well.

At school, Ichiya is a member of the literature club. The club is chaired by Masaki Kunori (played by Ryuji Sato), but the lack of members puts the club in danger of closing.

In order to maintain the literature club, Ichiya tries to recruit a girl in his class named Shiina Koyurugi (Kanna Hashimoto).

However, Ichiya was unable to convey his meaning properly to Shiina. Luckily, Masaki was able to invite Shiina directly to join the literature club.

As it turns out, the first person to visit the literature club is not Shiina, but Akino Naruse (Kyoka Shibata), a first year student.

He came after knowing the identity of Ichiya who was the author of the novel he was reading. Akino expressed her admiration for Ichiya and the novels he wrote, but Ichiya who had lost his confidence got angry.

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Shiina was just about to enter the literature club room when she heard Ichiya’s anger from behind the door. He opened the door and slapped Ichiya who had said rudely to his junior. Shiina thought that Ichiya did not trust his own work.

Ichiya is getting worse, but the editor tries to convince Ichiya to feel confident again. The editor then suggested him to collaborate with other novelists. Ichiya agreed to this and he was met with the novelist.

How surprised Ichiya was when he found out that the writer he was going to work with was Shiina, the girl who slapped him the other day.

He was even more shocked when he found out that Shiina was the owner of the pen name Fudou Shiina, a novelist who was on the rise with popular works.

The editor thought that it would be easier for them to work together, since they were in the same school, even in the same class. However, with such bad initial impressions of each other, will Ichiya and Shiina be able to produce works that touch the hearts of many people?

Watch the continuation of the story of these two high school novelists in the film Shousetsu no Kamisama. For lovers of novels, this film is definitely a pity to miss.