August 8, 2022

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Shocked Husband Sees Kitchen Full of Cement Shards Because Wife Becomes TikTok Victim

Recently, on TikTok social media, there was a lot of buzz about a burnt mortar releasing maggots. Not a few citizens who helped prove the truth by burning his mortar.

Just like this woman did. However, the results obtained are not a mortar that removes maggots after being burned, instead it becomes a disaster.

In the video upload that was reposted on the community’s Instagram account, the husband of the woman was shocked by the messy state of the kitchen. The reason is, the mortar that was burned by his wife actually exploded.

The bottom of the mortar was smashed to pieces. The shards of cement from the mortar were scattered on the stove.

As a result, the cobek is broken in half at the bottom. The husband revealed that his wife had become a victim of TikTok.

“Iki lo lur bojoku behavior, muni coek was hacked, burned, heated jare metu set e. Boso tested jare ora metu-metu. Coeke ajur (This is lo lur behavior my wife, said the mortar was burnt, heated it said maggots came out. When I tried it, it didn’t come out- came out. The mortar was crushed)” said the husband as quoted by, Saturday (25/06/2022).

The husband vented if he had to buy a new mortar again because the old one had been destroyed. The husband was also made to shake his head with the behavior of his wife who became a victim of TikTok.

Consequences of Following TikTok Trends Without Thinking

Cobek exploded when burned. (Instagram/ association)

Until this article was compiled, the video has already received 44.2 thousand views on Instagram reels. The video of the wife being a victim of TikTok being burned out of maggots has attracted the attention of netizens to write various responses in the comments column.

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Not a few netizens think that if a seman is burned it will explode but not with a stone.

“Only applies to the original mortar, not cement,” said one netizen.

“If you use a mortar of real stone to heat the stove, it won’t explode. But if you put a mortar on it, it’s like that,” another said.

“Make sure the mortar is original if you want to burn it,” added another.

A netizen has the opinion that TikTok content burning mortar is actually useful to test whether it is made of stone or not.

“Tiktok victim but managed to uncover the truth from the mortar he bought,” netizen’s opinion.