December 6, 2022

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Shocked Husband Cooked by Wife Special Fried Rice Using Spices: Delicious

What husband doesn’t like it when his wife cooks a special meal for him. Of course the husband would be happy not to be noticed by his wife like that.

Sometimes the husband is also surprised to see the food cooked by his wife. Just like what happened to this husband.

In a viral video re-uploading to the Instagram social media account, the husband shared his moment of being cooked with special fried rice by his beloved wife.

However, he was shocked to see the plate of special fried rice prepared for him. He was surprised because his wife’s special fried rice was added topped with pieces of turmeric.

“What’s this?” he asked his wife.

“That’s the turmeric for salad so it’s delicious to eat the fried rice,” replied his wife.

He felt strange with the fried rice that was added to the topping of freshly chopped turmeric. The wife convinced her husband to try.

“Special for you,” said the wife.

When tasting the special fried rice made by his wife, it turns out that it has a strong flavor of cooking spices, aka micin. Apparently the wife deliberately only used micin without sprinkling salt fried rice.

Special Fried Rice Using Spices

The wife’s special fried rice for the husband. (Instagram/

The wife is afraid that her fried rice will be salty like her other dishes. This husband also finished his wife’s special fried rice to appreciate it.

“Isn’t it good?” said his wife.

“Delicious,” he said.

He hoped that after eating his wife’s special fried rice, he didn’t end up in the hospital.

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The video caught the attention of netizens who were watching to write their responses in the comments column. Not a few netizens were surprised by the man’s wife who cooked fried rice only with micin. There are also netizens who say that turmeric is delicious for fresh vegetables.

“So it’s healthy, plus non-salt, non-high blood pressure,” commented one netizen.

“Young turmeric is really good for fresh sweet vegetables,” another response.

“I usually eat turmeric for fresh vegetables and ginger. It’s delicious,” added another.

“Even though I only use micin, the question is how much micin is needed so that the taste can be a bit salty,” said another netizen.