May 30, 2023

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Shiver! This is the reason this mother chooses to live near a grave without neighbors, so scared

Hearing the word grave often makes the hairs stand on end. Especially when imagining being in a graveyard at night will make your skin crawl.

So what if someone chooses to live near a cemetery? You might imagine it would be scary, but this mother named Ayu actually built a house near the grave.

The story of Mrs. Ayu having a house near a grave with shocking reasons was revealed in a video on Dedenny’s YouTube channel. Mrs. Ayu built a house near the grave, which she agreed with her husband.

Mrs. Ayu’s house is the only residence in one of the cemetery areas in Cirebon. Mrs. Ayu has lived in the house for five years with her husband and child.

Early living here, Mrs. Ayu was afraid because she did not have neighbors. Not to mention the location of the house near the cemetery and behind the mythical river inhabited by many spirits.

During their stay there, Mrs. Ayu and her family were never haunted by spirits. Just feel another atmosphere that is more tense when the night comes or when it rains.

Reasons for choosing a house near the cemetery

Mrs. Ayu owns a house near the cemetery. (YouTube/ Dendenny)

In addition, the disturbance obtained is usually hearing the sound of groaning from the graves of new people who died. However, Mrs. Ayu doesn’t want to worry because everyone who dies has a different cause.

“A lot of people who died don’t know why someone died,” said Mrs. Ayu.

The reason why Mrs. Ayu and her husband chose to build a house near the grave was shocking. The reason is, Mrs. Ayu and her husband want to feel that they have a neighbor who has died.

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“Yes, I just want to. Right in the village, usually the neighbors are living. If it’s not here, the neighbors are dead, people die,” said Mrs. Ayu casually.

The absence of neighbors near her house makes Mrs. Ayu relax when she chooses to spend time sitting in the swing in the middle of the tomb. As seen in the video.

The burial area where Mrs. Ayu lives is quite famous in Cirebon. This is because the people buried there are artists and public officials.