August 8, 2022

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SHINee’s Minho Talks About New Normal Horror-Thriller Movie

Actor and member of the boy group SHINee, Minho talked about his latest film. Since the announcement of the film, it has succeeded in attracting the audience because it collaborates with actors and actresses who are currently skyrocketing. Besides Minho, there are also ‘Squid Game’ and ‘All of Us Are Dead’ stars Lee Yoo Mi, Choi Ji Woo, Jung Dong Won, PO, and Han Da In.

The film ‘New Normal’ tells the story of people who experience depression and fatigue during modern solitary times. Produced by renowned director Jung Beom Sik, who previously directed ‘Epitaph’ and ‘Gonjiam Haunted Asylum’.

Minho is one of the main characters of the movie ‘New Normal’ who plays the character Hoon, an innocent young man who believes in destiny.

In an interview with Vogue magazine, which was quoted from Allkpop, the SHINee rapper talked about his upcoming film ‘New Normal’, previously known as drama ‘Goosebumps’. The actor shared, “I wanted to do it because it was a suspenseful film and a genre (drama and film) that I had never tried before.”

Singer known as sports idol this did not forget to flatter the director who worked with him, “The director portrayed psychological horror so well that I was curious to see how my acting would be portrayed.”

Minho continued, “It’s a situation that can easily come up in everyday life so it would be easy to sink into it. This is a film that suddenly takes a toll.”

Are you curious about what ‘New Normal’ will be like? Check out the synopsis below!

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Synopsis of ‘New Normal’ Korean Thriller Horror Film

‘New Normal’ describes the state of Seoul society in 2022 for four days. Where is a period of chaos that has never been experienced by mankind before throughout history.

This state of affairs illustrates the unexpected risks and identity fears that are hidden in everyday life and the usual environment. The film will show the essence of a ‘very different suspense’ with an unseen ending.

The film ‘New Normal’ will premiere on July 17, 2022 at the Courtyard Theater and Fantastic Cube, Bucheon City Hall, South Korea.