December 1, 2022

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Shin Tae-yong Gives Advice to 3 Indonesian U-19 National Team Players, Netizens: Hard Coach

Shin Tae-yong gave an ultimatum to his 3 foster children in the Indonesia U-19 national team squad for the 2023 Asian Cup Qualification projection.

The South Korean coach reminded Hokky Caraka, Kakang Rudianto, and Ronaldo Kwateh not to feel arrogant in responding to the flattery that the media and netizens often spread to them.

This was conveyed directly by Shin Tae-yong when he led the U-19 Indonesia National Team’s training camp as reported by the PSSI YouTube page (29/8/2022).

“Brother, Hokky, don’t be arrogant,” said the coach who managed to bring South Korea to defeat Germany at the 2018 World Cup.

“Ronaldo also don’t be arrogant,” added Shin Tae-yong.

“Coach STY is right and it must be hard if our national team wants to advance… because our players have gone up a little bit, they are already jumawa,” continued the other netizens.

Shin Tae-yong’s statement immediately received a positive response from homeland soccer fans and netizens.

“Wow, harden coach,” said one netizen.

“According to me, you don’t need to bring something like this up, it’s enough within the internal team, sorry for the mentality of the players, remember they are still a young age group. Be wiser in choosing news and wise to digest news,” suggested another netizen.

“I don’t know why Sty said that for the three players. But for sure for some of these national team players, after the event, there are also people who are very active on social media. Yes, I don’t really have a problem because it’s their right to find entertainment, maybe by playing social media. But most of them already know what the negative impact is, they often play social media, especially Sty doesn’t say that she likes monitoring too. Look at Asnawi, Witan Egy and even Arhan, who has the largest number of followers, rarely plays social media because they are so focused and can control themselves quite well on social media. social media. Even professional players from abroad are rarely active on social media, especially when the season is running, it’s different when the season is over,” said another netizen.

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Contributors: Moh. Afaf El Kurnia