September 28, 2022

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Sequel to the Drama Great Teacher Onizuka: Teacher Onizuka Returns to the Alma mater

Remember the actions of Eikichi Onizuka, a former thug who was recruited as a teacher by the principal of Meishu Gakuen High School? This time the action-packed teacher is back with a drama sequel GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka.

Sequel to drama GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka presents a story about the merger of West Shounan High School which is the alma mater of Eikichi Onizuka (played by Akira) with Meishu Gakuen, the school that recruited Onizuka.

Onizuka becomes a teacher assigned to teach at Shounan Barat High School, where he studied during high school, and co-manages the school with the school principal Yoshiko Sakurai (Hytomi Kuroki) and the vice principal Hiroshi Uchiyamada (Ryosei). Tayama). Of course, Sakurai hoped that Onizuka would be able to bring about new changes like he did at Meishu High.

Onizuka plays the assistant of a homeroom teacher named Honami Fujikawa (Manami Higa). Like when teaching at Meishu High School and Taiwan City High School, Onizuka is also faced with various problems at this high school. He must solve the problem of bullying, forbidden love between teacher and student, to the pregnancy of a student.

At Shounan High School, he is reunited with a teacher who used to teach him, Tsukasa Fujinomiya (Takehiko Ono). Even though he seems fierce, in fact Fujinomiya often helps him in solving students’ problems.

Not only Onizuka, now, his two friends also returned to Shounan, their hometown. Ryuji Danma (Yuu Shirota), has now opened a cafe in Shounan and Toshiyuki Saejima (Yusuke Yamamoto) has been transferred to Shounan as punishment because he was caught committing an offense while on duty.

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However, besides the problems of the students, this time Onizuka and his two friends also have to deal with their old enemy and the tragic events in Onizuka’s past that turn out to be related to Honami.

What is the connection between Onizuka’s past and Honami, her co-worker? What does his enemy really want from Onizuka? Watch in the drama sequel GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka which is certainly no less exciting than the previous GTO series. Therefore, don’t miss it, OK!