August 18, 2022

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Senior Rookie, Netizens Discuss BLACKPINK’s Aura When Just Debuting

Successfully becoming one of the most influential girl groups in the K-Pop industry today, BLACKPINK has not only managed to make their fans proud of their current success.

Quote from Allkpop on Sunday (26/6/2022), netizens outside the fandom also acknowledged the popularity of BLACKPINK members both individually and in groups.

Thinking back to their rookie days when they had just debuted a few years ago, netizens are aware that BLACKPINK has even been exuding their senior aura from a long time ago.

On June 25, 2022, a netizen uploaded a post on an online community with the title ‘BLACKPINK really doesn’t look like a rookie group‘.

In the post, he also uploaded several photos from the BLACKPINK press conference at the launch of the album ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’.

In the photo, the four BLACKPINK members exude an elegant and beautiful-looking aura, which looks very different from the aura type of rookie idol groups.

The netizen also wrote, “This is a photo from the ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ era, but they look like a group that has been debuting for 7 years. Maybe it’s because their trainee period was very long, but this photo was taken when they had just had a career of two years.


BLACKPINK girl group (Twitter/@alkpop)

In response to the post, several netizens shared their various reactions and comments.

I remember, this is a photo from the ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ era where after this they were no longer considered rookies. However, I admit they have the aura of a senior idol even though they are still relatively new to debut.” commented one netizen.

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“Their ‘Whistle’ era when they actually just debuted looks very real. I still haven’t forgotten how I felt at that time, when watching their music video with a unique concept and atmosphere,” write another netizen.

“Jisoo looked the most beautiful at that time, she was like a CEO’s wife.”

“Wow… Jennie really was born to be a celebrity.”

“Wow… seeing it again now I agree. They do have a different aura.”

“Wow, their aura as a two year old rookie group can’t be underestimated.”

“I still remember the skirt that Rose wore during the BOOMBAYAH era, it was so pretty.”

“They became world-class idols after this era.”

“The performance video that they uploaded before they debuted was also very shocking.”

“I believe it’s very difficult for another girl group from YG to match BLACKPINK.”

“They are a legendary girl group.”

And there are many more comments from netizens who acknowledge BLACKPINK’s aura which already looks different when they were still rookies. What do you think?