December 6, 2022

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Senior Film Synopsis: The Adventures of Two Detectives from Different Worlds

Comes with horror and romance genres, Thai movies senior officially aired in 2015. Movie also known as Run Phee this release with a duration of approximately 1 hour 53 minutes.

senior presents the story of two teenagers from different natures who become impromptu detectives to investigate a murder case that occurred half a century ago. Adithi (Jannine Weigel), who is more often called Mon, is a student at a nun’s school.

People around Mon often think he’s crazy because he’s been seen talking to himself several times. What they don’t know is, Mon is actually talking to a ghost. Mon’s parents died 12 years ago in an accident. Mon, who was only 4 years old at the time, escaped death. From then on, he could smell the scent of a dead person.

At school, Mon is always aloof because of being ostracized by his friends. Silence has long been his best friend. Until finally, a student named Ant (Kaykai Nutticha Namwong) tries to befriend Mon. The two end up being friends.

Mon, who feels that he has become Ant’s best friend, reveals his special ability to the girl. At that time, Ant was close to a man. The spirit of Ant’s mother, who died after hanging herself, delivered a message to her son through Mon. He asked Ant to stay away from the man who was close to him.

One night, a young ghost came to Mon’s dorm room. He introduces himself as “Senior” (Bom Phongsakon Tosuwan). The purpose of Senior’s arrival is to invite Mon to reinvestigate the Princess Bhannawadee murder case that occurred more than 50 years ago.

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At that time, a gardener was decided as a suspect and wrongfully convicted. Senior reveals that the dead also want justice. However, Mon did not immediately agree to Senior’s invitation. This caused Senior to continue stalking him.

Annoyed by Senior’s presence, Mon is finally forced to help him with the investigation. The two of them work together to dig up facts and evidence and look for witnesses in order to find the real killer. In the process, Mon and Senior encounter people as well as vengeful ghosts who try to stop them from discovering the truth.

At the same time, Mon also finds out about Senior’s true identity. Film senior will change people’s perception of ghosts. Interested to watch?