December 1, 2022

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Seediq Bale Movie Review: Inland Taiwanese Tribe War Against Japanese Occupation Army

It has become an instinct for a nation in this world to always uphold their homeland and the culture of their ancestors. This is of course related to the identity they have, so they will always try to maintain it so as not to lose their identity. Even so, when their homeland and ancestors are disturbed by other nations, the instinct to fight for the independence of their country will emerge and they will take it at the risk of their lives. Because, self-esteem is a very expensive thing, and very worthy to be redeemed with the life attached to their bodies. This is the background of the conflict in the film Seediq Bale: Warriors of the Rainbow which was released in 2011.

The film itself is based on the “Wushe Event” that took place in Taiwan when the country was under Japanese occupation. Set in 1930, the Japanese imperial army, which at that time succeeded in controlling Taiwan, began to aggressively build infrastructure on the island. Of course, the main goal is to facilitate the mobilization of their military power as well as to further establish their hegemony over the Taiwan Islands.

But unfortunately, the massive development efforts carried out by the Japanese occupation government made the indigenous Seediq tribe which is a native of Taiwan marginalized and had to start uprooting their cultural roots. tribal men Seediq, were required to work to build these infrastructures and were kept away from the custom to carry out traditional hunting, while women had to serve as servants in the homes of the Japanese police and their families. These women also have to abandon their traditional weaving habits that have been rooted in life for hundreds of years. And this is further exacerbated by the prohibition on tattooing their faces, a thing that is considered to strongly deny tribal customs Seediq because it is an act that is considered sacred. This, of course, was opposed by the native tribes, because for the Seediq, tattooing their faces is a symbol or symbol that they have become Seediq Bale or True Humans.

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After being buried for so long, finally the tribe Seediq began to plan to fight back. Led by Mona Rudao, a Seediq who witnessed the Japanese oppression for approximately 30 years, this indigenous Taiwanese tribe also began to take up arms and attack the camps and villages of the Japanese people. And this is where it all started. Seediq Bale led by Mona Rudao, began to move to various regions to fight the Japanese, although at a very high price. Before taking the fight, the Seediq Bale even have to eliminate “all dependents” attached to them, including wife, children and family. This of course aims to keep their focus in fighting unspoiled.

Want to know the next story? And what sacrifices were made by the Seediq Bale this? So, can they make the Japanese occupation government soldiers surrender? Watch live in the film Seediq Bale: Warriors of the Rainbow this is it!