December 1, 2022

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Search because of hell! This Man is Desperate to Beret Cars and Palak Riders, When He Sees His Victims He Even Kisses Hands

The action of men suspected of being thugs looking for trouble on the street, went viral recently. The behavior of the man who stole the money of the motorists on the road made the residents angry.

The man’s video went viral on social media, one of which was uploaded to the Instagram account @banjarnahor. In the video, the car is seen being stopped by a number of people.

The exact location of the incident is not known. However, based on information written by the @banjarnahor account, the incident allegedly occurred in Bunoi Bakto, Babelan, Bekasi, West Java.

“So my car was stopped suddenly by the thugs from this village. When my husband opened the window, they still didn’t mind the member’s husband. [polisi] keep on sticking with them.” said the uploader in the video.

The owner of the video said that a man asked for Rp. 10,000 to enter the village area. Seeing this, the husband who is a member of the police showed his police attributes.

“And the husband and his friend got out of the car because they didn’t accept that they were wearing official clothes, but they still dared to be lazy,” wrote the owner of the video.

Furthermore, it looks like there is an argument going on between the victim who is a police officer and suspected thugs who control the area.

“When you know the husband and friends of the members [polisi] they apologize for kissing hands like that,” he said.

Furthermore, the owner of the video stated that the youths who were malaked by the drivers’ money were finally disbanded.

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“Can you imagine if someone passing through a position like me, a woman, was stopped suddenly, knowing that ordinary civilians who were passing by would eventually give up giving money,” uploader said.

“I think the lazy one is also drunk,” he said.

The upload immediately invited various responses from netizens.

“Euh, there have been a lot of palaks in that area since a long time ago,” commented one netizen.

“Wrong choice of this opponent, mah,” added another netizen.

“Tag the police and the Sector Police, they must often patrol the area from community diseases,” another account chimed in.

“Tuman, look for the roots, there are many village heroes like this,” wrote a netizen in the comments column.

When this news was written, the viral video has been watched thousands of times and dozens of comments from netizens. (AUTHOR/FITA NOFIANA)