September 27, 2022

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Sad, Selfie Selfies at the Grave of Emmeril Khan Mumtadz: Public Inflamed

The passing of Emmeril Khan Mumtadz is a sad moment for Ridwan Kamil and his family. The West Java Governor’s sadness over the departure of his eldest son was also felt by the entire community.

Since being buried in the Baitul Ridwan Islamic Center family funeral complex in Cimaung Village, Bandung Regency, West Java, Monday (13/06/2022), Eril’s grave has always been visited by people who want to make a pilgrimage to pray for the deceased. However, there was one incident that made the public inflamed.

Recently, a video circulated of a group of mothers taking selfies in front of Eril’s grave. The social media account Instagram shared the video.

“Sad to see it, just the best wishes for the late Eril,” writing in the video as quoted by, Thursday (16/06/2022).

Video footage shows three mothers wearing black clothes in front of Eril’s grave. The mothers in the middle of the rain did not come to just make a pilgrimage to pray for the late Eril.

The mothers were actually engrossed in taking selfies in front of Eril’s grave. They took their own pictures in turn.

These mothers then took selfies of the three of them with the background of Eril’s grave. They looked excited with each other when the three of them took selfies.

Public Inflamed

The action of mothers taking selfies at the grave of Emmeril Khan Mumtadz. (Instagram/

Until this article was compiled, there has been no clarification from the three mothers who took selfies at the grave of Ridwan Kamil’s eldest son. The actions of the mothers immediately attracted the attention of the public.

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The public was inflamed to see the actions of mothers taking selfies at Eril’s grave because they were considered disrespectful.

“Oops, mother, you have no morals,” said one netizen.

“A visit to send a prayer, no. A visit for an instastory, yes. It’s very unfortunate for you, ma’am,” another comment.

“Wow, mothers don’t have empathy for uploading stories normally,” other responses.

“That’s why it’s important to learn about etiquette from an early age so you don’t feel like you’re so old.” said another.

“Blast manners don’t exist just for the sake of stories. Pilgrimages should be used as material for contemplation that later everyone will die,” another netizen said.

Just an hour ago uploaded by the Instagram account say.viideo, the video of selfie moms at Eril’s grave has already gotten 15.4 thousand views on reels.