December 2, 2022

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Running out of Content Ideas? These are 4 free SEO tools that are worth a try!

Become a content creator requires a person to have endless creativity. Because, every day there are content targets that must be met. While not infrequently they run out of ideas so that some decide to take a hiatus or stop temporarily. However, current technological developments make it easier for us with a website that provides free SEO tools that can help you find interesting ideas.

Quoted from the page ersenmediathere are several sites that provide search services keywords for free. You can find relevant topics that match the content topic.

Free SEO Tools for Searching Keywords

1. Google Trends

Maybe you are familiar with this site, because most content creators have used it to search for keywords. A service created by Google is used to find topics that are currently being discussed in a country.

You can take advantage of several interesting features in it, such as popular topics with search filters by region, the development of a topic each year, related queries or keywords that are relevant to the topic, to comparison of several keywords.

2. Answer The Public

The second SEO tool that you can try for free is answerthepublic. This tool can be used with a maximum of 3-5 times a day to search for niche, content ideas, and keyword research. The information presented in full will help you find topics more specifically.

Using this tool is very easy, you just type the topic in the search field and select the desired language. Kamudian, answerthepublic will display the full related query in several categories, such as questions, prepositionsuser searches, and an alphabetical list of keywords.

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3. Answer Socrates

If you’re stuck with ideas, then these tools can be a very helpful alternative. Socrates combine the data of questions asked through google, then present it in various questions or keywords that you need. Writers, researchers, and content creators will be helped with questions in the form of 5W+1H (what, who, why, when, where, and how), prepositions, and comparisons, and related queries.

4. Also Asked

Like previous SEO tools, this service helps you find out what topics users are searching for on Google engines. You can use also asked for free with a maximum of 10 searches a month. The advantages offered are questions that can be sorted by language and country, including Indonesia. Questions and queries are grouped by topic, so you can find the most relevant keywords.

Utilizing the free SEO tools above can support your performance as a content creator. Creativity is needed in creating content, so it is important that you always have an interesting stock of ideas.