September 27, 2022

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RRQ Hoshi Successfully Secures Position for the Grand Final of MSC Mobile Legends 2022

RRQ Hoshi as a representative from Indonesia who competed in the tournament Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup or abbreviated as MSC 2022, which was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, managed to qualify for the Grand Final on Saturday (18/06/2022). RRQ Hoshi won the Grand Final seat in this MSC tournament after defeating the RSG PH team from the Philippines with a sweet score of 3-1 in the upper bracket semi-final match. As a result, RSG PH dropped from the upper bracket and had to compete with the defending team in the lower bracket. bracket so that they can also qualify for the Grand Final.

In the first and second games against RSG PH, RRQ Hoshi was able to score the first 2 points very well. Thanks to the 2 heroes, Franco and Claude, who are always picked by RRQ Hoshi, RSG PH must be defeated. Franco is himself a power hero from VYN. Where this hero in the two games managed to create momentum thanks to his skills Iron Hook and Bloody Hunt from Franco.

Feeling the two heroes escaped in the first and second games, finally RSG PH respects in the third game and tries to avenge the situation by taking Franco’s hero on the first pick and then banning Claude’s hero. Even though here RRQ Hoshi got his hero power, namely Esmeralda R7 with Lancelot Alberttt, plus also managed to secure Valentina’s hero, but Karina’s hero RSG PH was released. Throughout this third game, RRQ Hoshi of early game always suppressed movement by RSG PH. In the end, RRQ Hoshi had to surrender too.

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Not wanting to get lost in defeat, RRQ Hoshi in the fourth game was finally able to shine again. In this fourth game, the match was quite fierce. Because, the hero Beatrix RSG PH is off. Which in the previous three games, this hero has always been a banned subscription. Even without Franco, RRQ Hoshi also managed to secure Akai and Claude’s heroes. In the first 15 minutes, RRQ Hoshi was under pressure from the RSG PH team. Until a momentum was created in the 16th minute when they were about to fight for the Lord, the RSG PH team carried out a war in the lord’s area which was then handled well by RRQ Hoshi. As a result, starting from this 16th minute, RRQ Hoshi began to take control of the game in the game and pushed back the RSG PH team until the match ended in 26th minute.

In the previous match, RRQ Hoshi’s journey in the upper bracket was very smooth. Where, in this upper bracket, RRQ Hoshi in addition to lowering the RSG PH team, also succeeded in lowering 2 teams from other countries to the lower bracket. Namely EVOS SG from Singapore and TODAK from Malaysia. RSH PH, who had dropped to the lower bracket from the upper position, was finally able to qualify for the Grand Final by repatriating the Omega Esports team from the Philippines with a score of 3-2.

In the Grand Final of the MSC Mobile Legends 2022 Tournament, it has been confirmed that the RRQ Hoshi team from the upper bracket will compete with RSG PH from the lower bracket on Sunday, 19/06/2022 at 17.00 GMT+8 Malaysian time or at 16.00 WIB. This Grand Final match can be watched via YouTube channel Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Indonesia and MPL Indonesia. Will the Indonesian representative RRQ Hoshi team be able to bring the 2022 MSC trophy to their homeland?

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