December 2, 2022

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RRQ Hoshi Must Admit Defeat in the 2022 MSC Mobile Legends Tournament

Uncomfortable news for Indonesian MLBB players and communities is that the RRQ Hoshi team that competed in the 2022 MSC Mobile Legends tournament held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, had to be content with being runner up or second place on Sunday, 19/06/ 2022. RRQ Hoshi had to suffer a crushing defeat without mercy from the RSG PH team, the Philippines with a final score of 0-4. With the final score of 0-4, finally being able to bring the RSG PH team out to be the first winner and bring home the trophy in the MSC Mobile Legends tournament in 2022 to their country.

The roaster players from the RRQ Hoshi team at the Grand Final were composed of Alberttt (Jungler), Skylar (Gold Lane), Clayyy (Mid Lane), VYN (Roamer), and R7 (Exp Lane).

Then for the roasters from the RSG PH team, there are Aqua (Mid Lane), EMANN (Gold Lane, Nathzz (Exp Lane), Demonkite (Jungler) and lastly Light (Roamer).

The player roaster above is the same line-up without any changes when the two teams face each other in the MSC Mobile Legends 2022 Semifinals on Saturday 18/06/2022 yesterday. And finally reunited one day later on the day of the Grand Final.

In this Grand Final match, in the first and second games, the tempo early game from RRQ Hoshi can dominate the game quite well. But when it enters the phase mid until late gameRRQ Hoshi apparently lost control of the game due to overly imposing war on some moments and as a result, RRQ Hoshi had to be depressed by gameplay given RSG PH. Also in this match, the heroes Beatrix and Xavier had to be released twice into the hands of RSG PH. So that made a mess for the RRQ Hoshi team in the game. Even though RRQ Hoshi managed to secure Akai’s hero twice, this still made the victory in these two games go to the RSG PH team.

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Then in the third and fourth games, RRQ Hoshi began to take over the two heroes taken by the RSG PH team, namely Beatrix and Xavier. However, Yve’s hero must be released into the hands of the RSG PH team where Yve from RSG PH can always issue his ultimate skill on time when all RRQ Hoshi heroes run out resources the skill. So that it can be follow-up war easily by the RSG PH team. You could say, throughout the third and fourth games, Yve from RSG PH was the answer to Beatrix and Xavier’s heroes taken by RRQ Hoshi.

And in this third game, RRQ Hoshi’s performance began to decline and was not as fresh as in the first and second games. So that in the fourth game, RSG PH can overthrow RRQ Hoshi to the position of runner up in just 16 minutes in the MSC Mobile Legends tournament in 2022. Nice Try! for the RRQ Hoshi Indonesia team who have fought to bring the name of the Indonesian nation, and Good Game! for the RSG PH team, Philippines who won the MSC 2022 tournament match.