September 27, 2022

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Ronaldo Kwateh and Muhammad Ferrari Become Interesting Highlights in France

Two Indonesian U-19 national team players, Ronaldo Kwateh and Muhammad Ferrari, managed to steal the attention when strengthening Garuda Muda in the 2022 Toulon Cup event which was held in France this year.

These two players were able to captivate the public after strengthening the Indonesian national team in the prestigious event. Ronaldo Kwateh and Muhammad Ferrari are considered to have high quality and great potential.

As we all know, the Indonesian national team failed to win the Toulon Cup tournament. However, the appearance of Garuda Nusantara, is quite good. One of the victories over Ghana was able to make the public astonished. At the same time make a sweet history for the Indonesian stronghold.

The Indonesian national team is in Group B in the Toulon Cup tournament. Namely with Venezuela, Ghana and Mexico. Indeed, during a duel with Venezuela, Ronaldo and his friends lost. So is Mexico.

However, the victory over Ghana made Indonesia even more aware that Garuda Muda was not a team that should be underestimated. In this tournament, when faced with this strong team, Indonesia was able to get out of the pressure. In fact, not infrequently give threats.

Lauricella Matt as a journalist at the Toulon Cup tournament, explained that there were two figures of Garuda Muda Indonesia players who were able to attract attention after the tournament was over. They are Ronaldo Kwateh and Muhammad Ferrari.

According to Lauricella Matt, Ronaldo Kwateh is a rather rude player. But, he never gave up. He is also considered to have excellent technical abilities and is attractive. Apart from having great speed and acceleration, he also stands out in defense. Also a good shot.

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While Muhammad Ferrari as the captain of Garuda Muda, Lauricella Matt considered it a solid wall that was really solid. He has directness when guarding the back sector.

He is considered to have an accurate position to maintain his defense when the opposing team attacks. Not only that, Lauricella Matt also said that Ferrari is a typical brave.

Those are the two Indonesian national team players whose charms are able to make Lauricella Matt fall in love. Both are bright futures for Indonesian football.