December 6, 2022

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RM BTS admits he doesn’t want to rely on popularity alone, this is the reason

The leader of boy group BTS, RM, recently had an interview with the magazine Weverse. He shared many things from the album ‘Proof’, inspiration, popularity, and the future of BTS.

Quote from Allkpop on Monday (20/6/2022), in an interview with the magazine WeverseRM revealed why he chose the song ‘Yet to Come’ as the opening theme for the album ‘Proof’.

I had high hopes when I wrote the song ‘Yet to Come’. Like a hope, well that’s it. Our glory is not the present, but the future that awaits us“explained RM.

RM also added, “I don’t believe in status. You are not just trying to reach the highest popularity and rely on your status alone. I feel I need to do something even better that I haven’t thought of.”

I always thought we were a group that always knew what we were doing, like facing a tipping point in any situation. And we are always sure of what we have to do every time. But now, I feel unsure,” he added.

‘Proof’ also has the song ‘Persona’ in it, but RM revealed he doesn’t know what kind of persona he has right now.

I think I need to take a break from myself. I’m worried that if I just do the thing that’s arranged for me, I might lose myselfsaid RM.

I didn’t mean to feel this way, and I wanted to have a free and active life. Now I feel I’m living too passively, maybe because of the pandemic, and I don’t think I’m very comfortable with it,” he continued.

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RM also shared about the future of BTS. He explained, “I know what kind of group BTS was in the past. But now, I feel like I’m at a point where I don’t understand what our group is like now, or even what I’m like myself.”

What should BTS tell the world from now on? What positions should BTS remember after reaching this point? How should we function as a group in the future? I want to find inspiration to answer all of that from other people,” he added.

That was a snippet of RM BTS’s interview with Weverse magazine about BTS’ status and the group’s future. What do you think?