September 27, 2022

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Rikuoh Drama: The Ups and Downs of Tabi Shoe Factory in Running a Business

Building and running a business is certainly not easy. It takes wisdom, the ability to innovate and an unyielding attitude. Moreover, various challenges and competition await and will continue to occur. This is what is depicted in Japanese dramas “Rikuoh“.

Drama Rikuoh tells the story of a small factory called Kohaze that produces tabi or traditional Japanese socks. Those who are members of this company try hard to fulfill customer orders, but the hurdles they have to overcome are too many, especially if problems occur in the manufacturing machine. tabi.

The machine is a special machine that can sew with a 3-dimensional technique and the machine has now been discontinued, so when there is a breakdown, they have to take parts from another machine.

The problem is, the machines that still exist are very rare. They can only rely on machines from the factory tabi which is now bankrupt.

The Kohaze factory, which has been operating for more than 100 years, is now run by Koichi Miyazawa, who is the fourth generation. He has 20 employees working with him and trying to keep the manufacturing business tabi.

However, with the times, it’s hard to stay in the manufacturing business tabi. The financial consultant Kohaze at the bank suggested that Koichi think of a new venture to maintain their factory, as well as so that they could still get a loan from the bank.

Koichi is confused about finding a new business idea that the Kohaze factory can run. When he stopped by a shop to buy shoes that his daughter asked for, an idea occurred in his mind to produce running shoes with the concept tabi.

In order to make shoes that are unique and different from other products, he also learned a lot about running techniques and what kind of shoes runners need.

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Koichi becomes more determined with his business idea when he sees a famous runner, Hiroto Mogi (Ryoma Takeuchi), fall in a race and get injured.

Koichi also tried to develop shoes that are lightweight as if the wearer was not wearing shoes, so that they do not burden athletes in running, improve their running technique, and can help reduce the risk of injury. The shoes were also given the name “Rikuoh”.

Of course, Koichi and the Kohaze factory had ups and downs in producing these new shoes. It took many tries and went through many failures.

Not to mention, they also need someone who can provide recognition for the advantages of their product. Koichi accepts advice to find an athlete who is injured and tries to recover him. Koichi is advised to ask the athlete to wear Rikuoh’s shoes.

Koichi also thought of an athlete name he could ask for help, namely Mogi. Will Mogi be willing to wear Rikouh’s shoes? Will Koichi succeed in developing Rikuoh’s shoe business and bring the name of the Kohaze factory back to its former glory?

Watch the continuation of the Kohaze factory struggle in the drama Rikuoh. This drama is perfect for those of you who are about to run a business. Don’t miss it, ok?