December 6, 2022

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Ridwan Kamil Remembers Eril when he was entrusted to buy shoes, it turned out to be for this figure

Even though he has passed away, the kindness of Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz or Eril is still very much discussed by those around him. His father, Ridwan Kamil, was no exception.

Recently, Ridwan Kamil again reminisced about his eldest son’s commendable deeds through a post containing writings he uploaded to his personal Instagram account @ridwankamil.

The governor of West Java was seen sharing an interesting story when his son was still in high school.

In his upload, Wednesday (15/6/2022), Ridwan Kamil wrote, “One time when Eril was still in high school, our family went on Umrah and went on a trip to Spain.”

“In Seville, we stopped by a shoe shop. And Eril said, ‘Pap, leave me to buy these shoes,'” said the governor continued.

As a father who loves his child so much, Ridwan Kamil immediately bought the shoes that Eril asked for.

However, in his heart Ridwan Kamil was confused, because the shoe size was different from the shoe size that Eril usually wore.

It wasn’t until a week later that the governor, who is usually called Kang Emil, found out that the shoes he bought earlier were not for Eril himself. However, the shoes will be used as a gift for a security guard at his school.

The security guard is a person who Eril considers his best friend. In his story, Ridwan Kamil also mentions the reason why Eril gave the security guard shoes, “Because he likes to be entrusted with a bicycle, he said.”

“Perhaps the security guard, whom Eril calls ‘Masbro,’ is lucky to wear cool shoes made in Spain,” said Ridwan Kamil ending the story.

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Ridwan Kamil’s post

Ridwan Kamil’s post (Instagram/@ridwankamil)

After reading the stories that have been shared, netizens also left their various comments on the upload and did not forget to pray for Eril.

“Luckily Eril has a rich father, Kang Emil,” a netizen commented.

“Plis sir, continue to tell me about Eril’s kindness like this, so that it can be an example for us who are still alive,” another netizen said.

“Sholeh, God willing, heaven, A Eril,” added another.

“Mr. Masbro must be sad, right?” said another.

“Al Fatihah to Eril,” said another netizen.

Not even a day since it was first shared on Instagram, this upload has now managed to get hundreds of thousands likes from Instagram users.