October 1, 2022


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Remember! These are 4 signs your partner has lost interest in replying to messages

Maybe you feel that your partner is starting to change. He behaved unusually and less frequently replied to messages. In fact, the time he needed to reply to a message was fairly long.

His behavior is not the same as when you first met. So you think whether he is starting to lose his love for you.

So that you don’t hesitate, identify some of the following signs that indicate that your partner has lost interest in texting.

1. Less Chat

One of the clearest signs that he is bored with his feelings for you can be seen from the intensity of the chats that you do. Even though you can’t see his body language directly, you can tell it through the emojis or the number of chats he sends.

He rarely sends or replies to chats from you and also rarely uses love emojis like he did before.

2. He Disappeared

When you text him, he doesn’t respond. He didn’t even explain to you why he didn’t reply to the message immediately. On the one hand, you also understand that he is not busy.

Unfortunately he just disappeared and there is no news at all. In fact, before dating you probably agreed to give each other news at least a few times a day. And he was deliberately ignoring it.

3. Giving Short Text

Short texts are a clear sign that your partner has started to lose interest in texting each other. From this you can understand that he is lazy to chat with you. However, he starts to get uncomfortable and doesn’t like you anymore.

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Maybe he’s busy or he just isn’t interested in you anymore. If you want to maintain a relationship, try asking him to meet him in person.

4. Reply with Only Two Letters

The worst of the signs that your partner loses interest in texting is that he or she replies or sends a message of only two letters. For example “Yes”, “Ok”, “Hm”, and so on. This short reply sends you an awkward atmosphere.

And if it happens continuously, it means that he is already bored and is starting to be lazy to communicate via text with you. So you need to talk to him about why he always replies in very short and unreadable words.

Those are some signs you need to know about your partner losing interest in texting with you.