September 27, 2022

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Remember the Rookie Period, Baekhyun EXO never admits to being tired despite his busy schedule

Baekhyun EXO Recently returned with episode kyongtube the latest on the EXO YouTube channel. In the video he reads a book called ‘I’ve Decided To Be Me’ to fans.

Summarize from Koreaboo on Friday (17/6/2022), Baekhyun not only read the wise quotes in the book, but he also shared his own experience related to the moral message he found.

One of them is, when he reads the title of the second chapter in the book, namely ‘Say Tired If You Are Really Tired’.

Baekhyun immediately agreed to the statement, to say being tired if you are really tired is not a burden or a bad thing to admit.

Baekhyun then told his experience when he was still rookie and recently debuted with EXO. Baekhyun said he found it very difficult to admit that he was tired, even though he was actually tired.

For many K-Pop idols, achieving success and being able to realize your dreams is something you should achieve by sacrificing everything, even putting aside health problems.

With the intense competition in the K-Pop industry, idols have the same thought, that is, if you don’t work hard, someone will take your place, and you will be nothing.

Looking to the era when he became rookie, Baekhyun realized he couldn’t express his tiredness to anyone else. If he says he is tired, and gets the response ‘it doesn’t matter‘ from others, perhaps he would gain the strength to endure the fatigue he was feeling.

However, unfortunately, rookie Baekhyun chooses to never admit to being tired even though he has such a busy schedule.

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Now that he is successful not only as an EXO member but as a solo singer, Baekhyun realizes how important it is to acknowledge all the fatigue he has endured.

Now Baekhyun prefers to be more honest with himself and it’s easier to tell if he feels tired when he feels that way. To release the pressure or burden he feels, Baekhyun is clearly trying to show his feelings honestly.

Baekhyun did this on purpose because if he continued to avoid expressing his tiredness, he would end up hating what he was doing now.

Becoming an idol and singing for fans is a dream that he has always had, and one that he loves. Baekhyun achieves his dream by working hard without admitting his exhaustion. However, at some point he also realized the need to admit that he was tired if he felt like it, because it wasn’t such a bad thing to admit.