August 14, 2022

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Releases Solo Album, TWICE’s Nayeon Reveals Getting Strength from Park Jin Young

On Friday (24/6/2022), TWICE’s Nayeon held a press conference to commemorate the release of her first solo debut album titled I’m NAYEON at the Fairmont Ambassador Seoul hotel, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. And announcer Park Sun Young appeared as the host.

Launching from KBIZoom on (6/24/2022), 7 years after debuting as a member of TWICE, Nayeon finally released her first solo album. Nayeon’s title song “POP!” features an addictive melody and a captivating message that it will burst someone’s heart like a bubble. Famous composers and songwriters, such as KENZIE, LDN Noise and Lee Seu Ran, participated in producing the song.

Nayeon’s solo album has a total of 7 songs, including the title track “POP!”, “NO PROBLEM” (Feat. Felix of Stray Kids), “LOVE COUNTDOWN” (Feat. Wonstein), “ALL OR NOTHING”, “CANDYFLOSS”, ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU”, and “SUNSET”.

Expressing her feelings about her solo debut, Nayeon said, “I have mixed emotions. Since I have been preparing for this album for a long time, I feel relieved and excited to release it. I am nervous at the same time because it is my first time promoting alone. “.

Regarding the opinion that his solo debut was a little late, Nayeon said, “I personally think the timing is right and not late at all”, adding, “I have achieved something over the past 7 years. Now, this is a good opportunity to show a new and fresh side of me by carrying out solo activities and releasing solo albums”.

Being the first member in TWICE to make a solo debut, Nayeon shared, “I was under a lot of pressure being the first member to debut solo, but I tried to lighten them up and enjoy the process of preparing for this album”.

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Nayeon also talked about how Park Jin Young encouraged her. He said, “CEO Park Jin Young is very supportive of us. He said, ‘From now on, what TWICE achieves from solo activities won’t be something for yourself but they will have a good influence on TWICE. I get a lot of strength from these words. he said”.

Meanwhile the album and music video “POP!” released at 12:00 PM KST on JYP Entertainment channels. Also Nayeon will put on fantastic stages on music shows, including KBS2’s “Music Bank”, MBC’s “Music Core” on June 25, and SBS’s “Inkigayo” on June 26. In particular, Nayeon will appear on “MTV Fresh Out Live”, a popular American music program, on the morning of June 25.