August 14, 2022

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Release of ‘BORN PINK’ Trailer, BLACKPINK Ready to Comeback in September

YG Entertainment has finally released the official trailer for the BLACKPINK comeback project which is planned to be carried out in September 2022. Naver Launching on August 1, 2022, YG Entertainment uploaded a video trailer as an announcement for this year’s BLACKPINK comeback project.

The video trailer with the title ‘BORN PINK’ contains a number of schedules for the launch of BLACKPINK’s activities in 2022. In the short video shared, BLACKPINK plans to launch a pre-released single in August 2022.

Meanwhile, the official release of their comeback album will be in September 2022, and the World Tour plan will begin in October 2022.

The video trailer entitled ‘BORN PINK’ presents a video visualization of all pink, with illustrations of water droplets flowing down a pair of long sharp fangs, then falling and spreading rapidly.

This trailer is also accompanied by an addictive background music that carries a strong theme with a dreamy beat.

The project titled ‘BORN PINK’ successfully depicts BLACKPINK’s uniqueness with their aura and identity displayed in a mysterious way and a powerful impression, showing BLACKPINK’s strength and dominance in the K-Pop music industry.

Fans who have been waiting for BLACKPINK’s comeback, since their last comeback in 2020, can also anticipate the return of the idol with a more spectacular concept and breakthrough.

This series of cool performances and the most expensive music video ever produced by YG Entertainment will be the highlight for BLACKPINK’s spectacular comeback in September.

YG Entertainment said, “In addition to the comeback schedule that has been shared, a number of interesting performances for BLACKPINK as one of the world’s top artists have also been prepared. BLACKPINK members have a strong desire to return the love of fans.”

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They added, “We hope that fans anticipate and look forward to further information regarding the new songs that will be introduced one by one, and of course also to look forward to BLACKPINK’s next stage.”

How are you getting impatient waiting for BLACKPINK’s comeback in September?