August 14, 2022

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Rejected by a girl because of a simple outfit, this guy shows off his balance and is even blasphemed

To get the heart of someone you like does require struggle. Sometimes you have to accept refusal to just walk alone.

However, there is someone who continues to fight for it, some are immediately disappointed. Recently went viral on social media, a viral video was disappointed to be rejected by a girl because her outfit was simple, a guy showing off his ATM balance.

The video of the boy’s rant was uploaded on his personal TikTok account Azzamrabbits41 and reposted on his Instagram account again. Video footage shows a boy who only wears a simple outfit.

He wore a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. The vehicle used by him is an ordinary automatic motorcycle.

This guy told me that with a simple outfit and a motorbike, he took the girl he liked for a walk. However, the girl he likes refuses his invitation to go out.

The guy admitted that it was the girl he didn’t want to walk with because he saw the simple outfit and the vehicle he was using. He was disappointed by the girl’s refusal.

Because he is often rejected, this guy shows off his ATM balance. It seems that he hopes the girl who refuses will regret it after finding out her ATM balance.

He showed an ATM machine screen that said the balance was IDR 415,084,795.

“No jak dolan wegah, didn’t kiro lapo arrive at my outfit, my flip-flops were piled up beat (I didn’t want to go for a walk, I thought I was hit. It turned out that my outfit was flip-flops, my vehicle was beat)” said the guy written in the video as quoted by, Thursday (04/08/2022).

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Showing off Account Balance

An ATM balance belonging to a man who was rejected by a girl because of his simple outfit. (Instagram/again.viral)

This guy’s confession was rejected by a girl because his outfit ended up showing off his ATM balance and actually reaped blasphemy from netizens.

“The logic is like this, you’re just being stingy with yourself, especially your girlfriend (if you have a boyfriend)” commented one netizen.

“This is called a lot of money but being stingy with yourself, just being stingy with yourself, how about your boyfriend?” added another.

“The point is that I’m stingy, Min, being single can’t take care of myself,” said another.

“450,000,000 is still not enough I think if you search for it like Wika Salim,” other responses.

“Even though the boss’s account, he only took it,” another netizen said.

Until now, video uploads from Lagi.viral have received 237,000 views on reels and 5.6 thousand likes.