August 18, 2022

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Recording His Friend Taking a Shower, Zhu Liwei is Officially Expelled from BEJ48

On Tuesday (2/8/2022), Netease Entertainment reported that Beijing Siba Culture Media Co., Ltd. has released an official statement regarding the recent controversy involving one of BEJ48’s members, Zhu Liwei, via BEJ48’s official Weibo account.

In a released statement, it was stated that BEJ48 is committed to creating idol figures full of positive energy. In this era, an artist must bring positive energy and image, and practice the values ​​of truth.

Zhu Liwei, a member of BEJ48, has damaged the group’s image while still an active member. After the company conducted a lengthy investigation and discussion, a number of matters were decided regarding Zhu Liwei.

First, Zhu Liwei’s full membership in BEJ48 will be cancelled. He will also be removed from the group. Finally, the company has the right to take legal action to hold the individual responsible, namely Zhu Liwei, responsible.

Furthermore, Zhu Liwei’s fan club also released a statement regarding Zhu Liwei’s expulsion from BEJ48. The fan club first stated that regardless of whether Zhu Liwei really did the thing that was in the rumors, the fan club had nothing to do with Zhu Liwei now.

The fan club also requested that netizens not blame or harass club members. In the comments column of this upload, the fan club account also explains that the club members are innocent.

This statement was agreed by another member who wrote, because Zhu Liwei was deliberately hiding his actions, even if he had an abortion before joining the group, the fan club would not know about it either.

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Previously, on August 1, 2022, Zhu Liwei was reported to have recorded a video while one of his friends was taking a shower. This video was then sent to his girlfriend. During interrogation by his friend, Zhu Liwei confessed that he was forced by his girlfriend to do this.

Even during performances with his group, he puts his cell phone in the dressing room to record activities in the room. In addition, Zhu Liwei’s confession was inconsistent. Initially, he said that the video he recorded was deleted immediately after being sent to his girlfriend.

However, he later said that he wasn’t sure if he actually filmed the victim. After the announcement of Zhu Liwei’s dismissal was published, his Weibo account has now disappeared.