October 1, 2022


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Recorded by CCTV Camera, Fierce Battle of Mother in Dress Versus Orange Cat

Cats are adorable animals to keep. Behind his adorable face, there is also an annoying cat behavior that makes his blood boil.

Recently, a video went viral on social media, a fierce battle between a mother in a dress and an orange cat. The fierce battle between the two was caught on surveillance cameras at the scene.

The video recording of the surveillance camera was re-uploaded by the Instagram social media account kepoin_trending, Wednesday (15/6/2022). The short 26-second video shows a mother in a pink dress approaching an orange cat in front of a house.

This dress-up mother came with a bucket in her hand. It turns out that the bucket contains the water used to water the orange cat.

Mother in a dress up left after dousing the orange cat with water. Suddenly the orange cat chased the dress-up mother.

The orange cat immediately jumped into the mother’s negligee. The orange cat tugged hard on the back of the mother’s negligee.

Mother also fought the orange cat by trying to release it from behind the negligee. The mother was spinning as she tried to free the orange cat from her negligee.

This mother fell to the asphalt because she tripped over her own feet. The orange cat stared intently at the mother who was sitting on the asphalt.

Fierce battle

The fierce battle of the dressed-up mother versus the orange cat. (Instagram/kepoin_trending)

It seems that the mother was frightened herself seeing the orange cat was very aggressive when it attacked her. Mother stood up and immediately ran away from the orange cat.

I was so scared, my mother wore a dress and forgot to bring a bucket that fell when she was attacked by the orange cat. Just uploaded an hour ago, this video has already received 16.8K views.

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The comments column for the video of the fight with the mother in a dress versus the orange cat was flooded with various responses from netizens who were watching.

“The mother must be upset that the only fish eaten was a cat,” the response of one netizen.

“Oyen cat is my role model,” wrote another by adding a laughing emoji.

“It turns out that the strongest caste on earth is the oyen cat,” said another.

“Oyen is bathed again, be angry,” other responses.

“Oyen conquered even mothers,” another netizen said.