October 6, 2022


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Recommended Gifts for Graduation, Can Be Flower Arrangements or Slings

Usually we have our own way of celebrating something, like graduation for example. Graduation is one of the graduation celebrations or the final process in an academic activity.

Usually, graduation celebrations are synonymous with various gifts and prizes for those who have completed their academic studies.

Sometimes we are confused about what gift to give. Well, here are some graduation gift ideas that you can use as a reference.

1. Snack Bouquet

Kindergarten snack bouquet (TikTok @hanum_craft)

Not everyone likes to be gifted items. Some people prefer to be rewarded with food. Well, a snack bouquet is the right choice to give to those who don’t like being given things.

You can make your own snack bouquet and create it according to your wishes or you can order it via the marketplace to make it simpler and less time consuming.

2. Flower Bouquet

Illustration of a bouquet of flowers.[Freepik]
Illustration of a bouquet of flowers.[Freepik]

Who doesn’t like flowers? Moreover, it has been arranged so beautifully. A flower bouquet is perfect when paired with an identical toga with a dark color so that the flower bouquet will beautify the photos taken.

If you don’t want the flowers to wither quickly, you can give a bouquet containing faux/fake flowers made of flannel. Even though they are made of flannel, these flowers are as beautiful as real flowers, you know. Flannel flower bouquets are widely chosen as gifts because they can be stored for a long time and are easy to order in large quantities marketplaces.

3. Sling

Sling title typo.  (Twitter/@txtdarionlshop)
Sling title typo. (Twitter/@txtdarionlshop)

After going through a period of education that is quite draining of energy and thought, giving a sling is a form of appreciation that you can give. Give a gift sash with the name of the person (along with his title) you will gift.

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4. Caricature

Novel Baswedan [Suara.com]
Novel Baswedan [Suara.com]

You can order this caricature gift on several online sites that provide caricature making services. Usually only required photos and writings that you will include in the caricature. In addition, you can also create your own caricature using a design application, such as Adobe Illustrator.

5. Hampers

Hampers.  (Doc: special)
Hampers. (Doc: special)

In addition to the 4 gifts above, you can also give hampers as graduation gifts. You can adjust the contents of the hampers according to the needs of the recipient of the gift, for example hampers skincarecake hampers, and so on.

That’s a gift recommendation for graduation. I hope this helps.