September 27, 2022

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Recommended 5 Novels About Dreams that You Must Read!

Reading books is a productive activity. There is always something useful you can get from reading a book. Including story books like novels though. Many quality novels with interesting stories.

Well, for those of you who are struggling For your goals, you must read the following 5 novels!

1. Coffee Flower Shop

Coffee Flower Shop (Goodreads)

Novel Coffee Flower Shop by Reni Fajarwati alias Rere, is a story that won in a writing competition. So the story doesn’t need to be questioned anymore, because the jury is just captivated, why not with readers?

As the title suggests, this novel is about coffee. You will also be amazed at the struggle of Black Jasmine in achieving her dreams. From a poor village boy to a successful career woman in a big city.

2. The Dreamer

The Dreamer (Goodreads)
The Dreamer (Goodreads)

Who doesn’t know Andrea Hirata, the author of the Mega Best Seller novel “Laskar Pelangi”. Well, you can’t miss a novel The dreamer this guys. In terms of struggle, The dreamer actually has a plot that is more interesting than Rainbow Troops alone.

3. About You

About You (Goodreads)
About You (Goodreads)

Get ready to be made into a super cool figure Sri Ningsih. Tere Liye always presents a great character in each of his novels, just like ‘She is my sister’, the main character here is a woman. But here, the plot and conflict are so complex that there’s no time for you to turn to another novel.

4. Love 2 Kodi

Love 2 Kodi (Goodreads)
Love 2 Kodi (Goodreads)

Who doesn’t know the novels ‘Assalamualaikum Beijing’ and ‘Notes on the Heart of a Wife’. Known as a writer who stopped religion, Asma Nada has produced many novels with inspirational stories. Well, in the novel Love 2 Kodi, you will feel a great spirit of struggle in achieving his dreams. The spirit is almost the same as the novel ‘The House Without Windows’.

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5. Poor People Are Banned from School

Poor People Banned from School (Goodreads)
Poor People Banned from School (Goodreads)

This novel by Wiwid Prasetyo tells the story of the struggle of a child who has a poor economic condition. In this novel, we will realize how lucky we are to get an education. And last but not least, this novel will knock your awareness on the importance of education. So for the students, the spirit of school yes!

So many reviews above. Hopefully it can be useful for readers. Greetings literacy!