October 1, 2022


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Recommended 5 Korean Dramas for You Gemini Zodiac Owners

The month of June is certainly synonymous with those of you who have the Gemini zodiac. Gemini is known to have a flexible, spontaneous, and possessive character respect high for the family.

Summarize from Allkpop on Friday (17/6/2022), here are 5 drama recommendations that are suitable for your Gemini character born in June. Come on, let’s see what’s going on!

Poster for drama ‘Who Are You School 2015’ (Twitter/@alkpop)

The drama ‘Who Are You School 2015’ tells the story of Go Eun Byul who discovers the fact that he has a twin brother named Lee Eun Bi, while on a school trip.

Lee Eun Bi has a timid character and is prone to committing suicide because of the hard life she leads. Go Eun Byul decided to help her twin sister by swapping roles.

2. Twenty Five Twenty One

Poster for drama 'Twenty Five Twenty One' (Twitter @alkpop)
Poster for drama ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ (Twitter/@alkpop)

This drama tells about the lives of 5 teenagers and the challenges they face such as family demands, romantic relationships, and dreams.

The drama ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ illustrates the important values ​​of how to uphold family values, as well as opposing these values.

3. Romance is a Bonus Book

Poster for drama 'Romance is a Bonus Book' (Twitter @alkpop)
Poster for drama ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’ (Twitter/@alkpop)

Gemini zodiac owners are famous for their creativity to create works of art such as writers, craftsmen, even broadcasters or presenters.

This drama focuses on the publishing world. ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’ tells the story of a young editor who is also a talented writer.

Drama poster 'Start Up' (Twitter @alkpop)
Drama poster ‘Start Up’ (Twitter/@alkpop)

Gemini is also one of the zodiac signs that are known to have high intelligence. They are known for their desire to constantly learn new things, and they are never shy or afraid to try anything.

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The drama ‘Start Up’ is very suitable for their character on this one. This drama tells the life of three IT technicians who struggle to enter the world of Start Up competition.

5. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Poster for drama 'It's Okay to Not Be Okay'
Poster for drama ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’ (Twitter/@alkpop)

When a Gemini feels in love, they love deeply. Gemini is often described as possessive when it comes to romantic relationships.

Gemini is also a romantic type who is ready to take you on adventures and love journeys.

The drama ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’ is very suitable for the description of the Gemini character above. Tells the story of Go Moon Young and his love which is full of challenges and obsession with Moon Kang Tae.

That was the recommendation of 5 Korean Dramas that are suitable for Gemini zodiac owners. How about it, which drama do you think fits your Gemini personality the best?