March 21, 2023

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Recognize the 3 Symptoms of Cerebral Atrophy Experienced by Jevier Justin’s Children

Presenter and model Jevier Justin just had a bad incident. The reason is, his son Slot gacor maxwin named Shannuel Favory experienced bad treatment from his nanny.

It is known that Shannuel was born with a disease cerebral atrophy. For nearly six years, Jevier Justin has always sought healing for his son, from medical treatment to traditional medicine.

Reported from Halodoc, cerebral atrophy is a condition where the size of the brain shrinks or decreases. This can occur due to loss of brain cells (neurons), or loss of connective tissue between brain cells. So, here are some symptoms that indicate someone has it cerebral atrophy.

1. Dementia

The first symptom that indicates a person has cerebral atrophy is dementia. Dementia is a condition in which the brain has decreased function.

This can be seen from several signs such as memory loss, slow thinking, difficulties in communicating and speaking, and experiencing problems with movement and coordination.

In addition, sufferers cerebral atrophy also experience mood disturbances, often hallucinate, and lack empathy for the surrounding environment. It could even be sufferers cerebral atrophy experiencing symptoms alzheimer’s.

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2. Seizures

Sufferer cerebral atrophy also often experience seizures. Seizures can occur due to a sudden spike of electrical activity in a part of the brain.

There are two types of seizures namely partial seizures which only affect one part of the brain. In addition, there are also seizures that affect both sides of the brain.

When experiencing a seizure, the sufferer will lose consciousness, jerk eye movements, grind teeth, and also make repetitive movements.

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3. Aphasia

The last symptom that indicates someone is experiencing cerebral atrophy is aphasia. Aphasia is a brain condition that decreases the ability to communicate. This has an impact on a person’s ability to communicate.

When experiencing aphasia, a person tends to use strange and imprecise words, speak in disjointed ways, and utter incomplete sentences. In addition, aphasia can also affect the ability to read and write.

Those are the three main symptoms of the disease cerebral atrophy which is a rare disease. If you find these signs in a child, then immediately consult a doctor. The doctor will carry out a series of tests and observations to make a diagnosis cerebral atrophy.

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