August 14, 2022

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Recognize 4 Forms of Self Validation so You Can Be More Accepting Yourself

Self validation is a condition when you accept the thoughts, feelings, and personal experiences that you have experienced so far. Validating thoughts and feelings can make us feel calmer and able to manage emotions effectively.

Self validation is important so that we can accept and understand ourselves. So, what are the forms of self-validation? Based on the writings of Martin, S (2009), the following are some forms of self-validation that you can apply to yourself.

1. Believe in yourself

The first form of self-validation is that you are able to believe in your own abilities. You are aware that everyone has unique privileges and advantages, including yourself.

Awareness of your own abilities can also make you better prepared to face the various problems that come your way, because you know that you can get through them.

2. Prioritizing personal needs

The second form of self-validation is prioritizing personal needs. Not that you are being selfish, but most people today prefer to sacrifice their feelings and needs to please others.

You don’t have to do that. Before trying to please others, you must also please yourself first. Who can care for you if you don’t care for yourself first.

3. Say nice things to yourself

Self talk is usually done by us to pour out our feelings and be honest with ourselves. However, we must also be able to do positive self-talk, instead of lowering our spirits.

Saying nice things to yourself is also a form of self validation. We will get positive energy from within ourselves.

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4. Accept your limitations and shortcomings

The last form of self-validation is to accept the shortcomings that exist in ourselves. We must be able to accept that it is impossible to make everyone happy with our presence, it is impossible for us to do all things and get things done.

Every human being has their own capacity. So, there’s no need to demand yourself to always look perfect, just be yourself who makes you comfortable.

Those are four forms of self validation that you can apply from now on. Self validation does not mean comparing yourself with others. However, it is more about self-acceptance.