July 2, 2022


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Rarely Happens, This Dawet Ice Seller is Salting Through the Road Greeted by Armed Soldiers

If usually fully armed soldiers lined up to greet officials. However, this time the heavily armed soldiers lining the streets were not to greet the officials.

The fully armed soldiers actually welcomed the ice dawet seller. The moment was immortalized in a short video uploaded by the Instagram social media account underc0ver.id, Friday (10/06/2022).

Video footage shows a group of army soldiers marching on the street. This army troop is fully armed.

There was one leading soldier at the front of the line. From afar there was a dawet ayu ice seller walking towards the marching army soldiers.

The dawet ayu seller seems to be pushing his green cart. The soldier leading the line seemed to be giving an explanation to his comrades.

The dawet ayu ice seller casually passed in their midst. As a result, this dawet ayu ice seller looks like he is being welcomed by fully armed army soldiers.

The soldier in charge invited the dawet ayu ice seller to pass.

“Get out of the way, dawet, dawet, dawet,” said the leader of the line with a smile.

Dawet Salting Ice Seller

The dawet ayu salting ice seller was greeted by armed soldiers. (Instagram/ underc0ver.id)

The soldiers who lined up neatly also smiled when they saw the dawet ayu ice seller passing in front of them. Meanwhile, the ice dawet seller looks awkward or salting when he is asked to pass through the middle of the line by fully armed soldiers.

Just an hour ago this video was uploaded and has already gotten 37.1 thousand views on Instagram reels and 2,000 likes. The video caught the attention of netizens who were watching to write their responses in the comments column.

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Some responded to the courage and ease with which the dawet ayu ice seller passed by in the midst of a line of armed soldiers.

“Handsome and brave sir” said one netizen.

“So slow, sir,” another said.

Several netizens wrote joking comments about the dawet ayu ice seller who was passing by in the midst of armed soldiers.

“Pak TNI is not sensitive, even though he hopes to be dismissed to buy his merchandise,” said the color.

“That’s the ice cendol, the general’s father,” said another.

“Senior is passing while testing, are you serious or not. Bravo my TNI,” added another.